Hottest Design Trends of Fall 2022 

As we continue to take back our home from spaces that were once transformed to work and learn from home during the pandemic, trends are moving toward creating cozy spaces for the fall and winter months.

This year has focused on inviting people back into our homes, following years of isolation. Kitchen tables went from home offices and virtual classrooms to hosting meals again. Our living rooms are becoming places for socializing with our friends and extended family again. Homes have become comfortable retreats again, where we can relax and feel rejuvenated together again.

With that in mind, here are some of fall 2022’s hottest design trends.

Use Warm Toned Colors

Some of the most popular colors for fall 2022 are deep or earthy shades such as greens in olive or mossy shades, warm-toned browns, tans and caramels, and warm neutrals such as beiges and off whites to soften the space.  Warm tones of sand, cinnamon, mushroom, rust, camel, terracotta, copper, oatmeal, muted greens, and similar neutrals complement just about every other color palette, making them the perfect addition to any space.

Bolder shades such as berry tones are also trending for fall 2022, along with mustard yellows for a grounded scheme.

Incorporate Vintage Finds

Stocking up on vintage furniture became a must during the last few years, and according to Gariepy, our love of pre-loved and antique items isn’t slowing down any time soon.

“Amid the supply chain disruptions and month-long waits, shopping for vintage items is becoming more desirable,” she says. “Instead of purchasing all new furnishings, people are increasingly sourcing vintage décor and furniture and repurposing them—which is also very eco-friendly and affordable.”

Consider Natural Finishes

Natural finishes have seen a rise in the last year. Embrace and combine a variety of natural materials to create a refreshing and inspirational space. From tremendously tactile natural grasses to wonderful woven fabrics, seek creative inspiration from your scheme. 

"Rich walnuts and soothing oaks are a wonderful way of bringing a touch of the outside and creating a warming, cozy feel in a kitchen that is perfect for the fall months," explains Bo Hellberg, CMO at String Furniture. "Earthy tones are perfect for enriching a space and bringing in a calming feel to a home."

Create a Cozy Home

Natural wood

The natural beauty of wood creates a welcoming and calming environment for fall.  And with the growing desire for lighter, airier spaces, wood adds a much-needed grounding effect. You can still easily incorporate warmer wood tones through coffee tables, side tables, chairs, and wood picture frames.

Wooden counter stools and wood cutting boards are a great way to bring a touch of warmth to the kitchen.

Add Pops of Bold Color

According to Pure Wow, people are going big with bold colors this fall.

“From boho to disco, ’70s interiors are having a moment,” trend expert Nick Drewe told the website. “The trend is all about incorporating earthy tones like hunter green, mustard yellow and blues, with materials like rattan and bamboo – in fact, searches for rattan have shot up by 77% on Pinterest.”

Specifically, green has been gaining traction this year.

“Green has been topping the design trend charts over the past several years, and we particularly love this muted sage variation (that’s popping up everywhere for fall),” Anastasia Casey, founder and CEO of IDCO Studio said. “Whether it’s for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities or entire walls, sage is a color shade we can always get behind.”

Deep Earth Tones

Brabbu echoed the popularity of metallic textures and nature-inspired designs by iterating the popularity of earth tones. From chocolatey blacks to faded yellows to verdant greens, earth tones are one of the top ways interior designers are giving personality to their clients’ living spaces.

Following two years of COVID-19-driven quarantine and a tumultuous news cycle of warring countries and a worsening global economy, many homeowners are looking to transform their houses into respites of comfort and joy. This fall, things will be no different.

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