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Roost Leasing Services

BJ LaVelle

When it comes to experience, BJ prescribes to a very strict, “more is more” policy...

When it comes to experience, BJ prescribes to a very strict, “more is more” policy...

Jul 17 4 minutes read

How Roost Leasing Works

Roost Leasing specializes in leasing of residential single-family homes, condos, townhomes, and apartment buildings - we have been landlords and doing leasing for almost 20 years, so we know the ins and outs! 

In addition to leasing properties, we help our owners with their investment strategies and long term plans. We can consult on your real estate options and provide several different paths towards success, from being a passive investor, to helping you build your own rental empire or doing lease ups for an entire apartment building, we have done it all. From Developing our own apartment buildings, flipping homes, buying old buildings and fixing them up and increasing the rents, to owning traditional investment properties. 

With having experience in all facets of real estate investing, we are fully trained and educated in this sector of real estate more than most. Being investors ourselves has given us unique perspective for our clients. We understand the creative financing that’s often required for buying and selling real estate, and expert  deal finders and  problem solvers.

We are here to help you get started on your real estate empire - CONTACT US TODAY!


Typical Duties Offered by Roost Leasing:

  • Screening new tenants and doing background checks
  • Helping to manage move outs for landlords and tenants. 
  • Drawing up lease documents
  • Collecting rent, banking, and bookkeeping
  • Responding to maintenance and repair requests
  • Maintaining grounds and common areas (lawn care, snow removal, sweeping, etc.)
  • Advertising and showing apartments to prospective tenants
  • Handling late payments, tenant disputes, and evictions if necessary (sub contracted out)

Depending on the level of involvement a landlord wishes to have, we may do some of these things or all of them. Some owners, for example, may wish to deal with tenant screening themselves to ensure that those living in their rental homes meet their personal standards. (Note that all leasing must comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act, prohibiting discrimination).


If you're an investment property owner who prefers to manage your property and tenants yourself, we can help you advertise your property and find the highest quality tenants who will treat your home as if it were their own. Utilizing our leasing services will get your property the advertising exposure it deserves as well as ensure that those who apply to rent your property are properly screened and well qualified to lease your home.


We will take professional photos of your property, stage (if desired),  write a detailed advertisement, and feature it on our website as well as various popular third-party rental sites.


Prospective renters will be able to schedule times to view your listing directly through our website. We will accompany prospective tenants on showings as well.


Once someone applies to rent your property, we will thoroughly screen them as we do tenants applying for our full-management properties. This includes a full background and credit check ensuring they meet minimum income requirements.


When applicants have been approved through our screening criteria, owners have the following choices:

1.) We can provide you with our own Roost Management lease.

2.) You can use your own lease using the tenant information we provide.

Technology & Communication Investments

Investing in technology is critical for communication and the efficient management of your investment. We are completely computerized, web-based, and transparent. You’ll have access to everything going on with your property from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Everything is electronic; from lease signatures to your rental deposits. We use a property management software where our mobile portal serves up data and reports to property owners, reducing phone calls and emails.

Shouldn't you leave the most expensive investment you have in the hands of an experienced and educated property management company?

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