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March 21, 2019

Why Condos and Lofts are Great Home Purchase Options in Minneapolis


Downtown Minneapolis is a flourishing, vibrant place to live, work, and hang out. From culture and history to modern vibes and trendy activities, you’ll always find something fun to do and see. The downtown area has numerous neighborhoods that make it an ideal place to live. Whether you choose the North Loop, the Mill District, or Downtown East, you’re sure to enjoy a vibrant nightlife, scenic parks, and luxury living options.


If you’re a resident of Minneapolis or plan to be soon, a condo or a loft is a fantastic option. With so many available choices, it’s easy to find condos for sale in Minneapolis. Whatever neighborhood you choose, you’ll find a wide variety of condos and lofts that suit your style and offer luxurious amenities.


At Roost we can help you navigate the condo or loft purchasing process. If you’re new to home buying and are wondering, “what’s a loft?,” we can show you the options and how perfect they can be for Minneapolis living. If you’re ready to make a move to Minneapolis, we are ready to help you find the best space for your lifestyle.

What is a Loft?

A loft is an open and airy, typically single-story housing unit, usually without many internal walls. You’ll find lofts in former industrial buildings or factories. Retaining many of the industrial features and aesthetic, such as exposed brick, concrete, and ductwork, lofts have modern flair with urban roots.


Lofts feature big, bright windows, high ceilings, and an open floor plan. Natural light floods the living space, making it inviting and helping it to look spacious. A loft is a perfect place to live, work, and create. Versatile and flexible, you can customize your space and make it your own.

What is a Condo?

Condos are similar to lofts in that they are individual units in a community living space. Condos typically come with a condominium association that is responsible for maintaining the building and amenities. Condos usually also have communal areas such as rec rooms, gyms, pools, and sometimes rooftop patios.


Condos also feature some of the same fantastic aspects of lofts, though they do not typically have the industrial features or very open floor plans. Designed for elegance, many condos feature large windows to let in plenty of natural light, as well as high-end features. Condos are typically synonymous with luxury, as many amenities are part of the package.

Why Choose a Condo or Loft Instead of a House?

You may wonder why you would choose a loft or condo instead of a house. With a loft or condo, you won’t be responsible for exterior maintenance. Your HOA fees cover lawn care and landscaping, snow removal, and, typically exterior painting and roof repairs.


Owning a condo or a loft will also mean you have a variety of amenities at your fingertips. From community recreation rooms and kitchens to heated parking garages and gyms, you’ll have quality services available for many of your needs. Some buildings include cafés, retail stores, spas, and rooftop pools.


Condos and lofts also allow you to be close to many downtown Minneapolis attractions and events. You can walk to different shops, restaurants, and clubs from your loft or condo. Lots of loft and condo buildings are near grocery stores, dental offices, chiropractors, vet offices, and other essential services. You’ll love the proximity and ease of condo and loft living in Minneapolis.

Condos and Lofts in the Best Areas of Minneapolis

The best areas in Minneapolis have the best condos and lofts. Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods have some fantastic living arrangements. From new construction to converted mills and historical buildings, you’ll find a wide selection of fabulous condos and lofts to call home.


Whether you’re looking for condos for sale in Minneapolis that are modern and complete with numerous amenities, or something more modest but close to all of the action, you’ll have plenty of choices. Many of the condos and lofts in Minneapolis are in walking distance to restaurants, concerts, and scenic parks. Minneapolis offers some of the best entertainment and experiences, and with excellent options for housing, you’ll be near it all.

Make the Move to a Condo or Loft

If you are ready to move to Minneapolis, consider a condo or loft. You’ll love the convenience and luxury of these spectacular buildings. Enjoy the unique features of a condo or loft as well as the proximity to all that Minneapolis has to offer. Whether you’re a hipster looking for a place to call home close to the robust nightlife, or an artist looking for a space to create and live, you’ll love having a condo or loft.


With a condo or loft, you won’t have to worry about yard upkeep, building maintenance and expenses. You can enjoy services that make your life more comfortable as well as fun. From a gym to use after a long day at work to a café to grab a quick breakfast, you’ll have the ease of convenience right out of your front door.


Let Roost help you find the perfect condo or loft in Minneapolis. We are experts at finding the ideal living space for you. Whether you are looking for a remodeled loft in the Mill District or a luxurious condo in the North Loop, we can help get you into the place of your dreams.


Contact us today at Roost and let us guide you through the condo buying process. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find the finest properties Minneapolis has to offer. Start living your best life in a luxury loft or condo and enjoy being right in the heart of Minneapolis living.

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March 20, 2019

Habitat for Humanity, MN: Everyone Should Have a Roosting Place


At Roost, we sincerely believe that everyone should have a place to call home. Whether you prefer a condo, a townhome, an apartment, or a stand-alone home, we help people find all kinds of homes.


We also love our community and take pride in the Twin Cities. Unfortunately, some families are unable to afford their own home, and we want to do something about that.


For years, we at Roost have partnered with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. H4H, as it is so fondly called, tirelessly serves the Twin Cities, getting families into new homes with the help of volunteers from all over the area.


At Roost, we love working with Habitat for Humanity in MN. The positive impact is unrivaled from any other program or effort. As long as we are able, we will continue to work with this incredible organization and work towards providing roosts for everyone in the Twin Cities.

What Exactly Does Habitat for Humanity MN Do?

Habitat for Humanity works to create community through homeownership. The goal is to bring affordable housing to all residents who meet specific income requirements and have not been able to own a home in recent years.


H4H does not only build new homes. Many times, dilapidated or older houses are repaired and sold. All homes come with a mortgage that is less than 30% of the families monthly income. Homeownership encourages a community vibe and H4H support neighborhood revitalization in a variety of ways.


Beyond building new homes for families and setting them up for success with coaching and counseling, H4H also works with families in danger of losing their current homes. Habitat for Humanity runs the A Brush with Kindness, a paint, and home repair program. Families are also offered foreclosure counseling if needed.


Habitat for Humanity also aims to revitalize neighborhoods by fostering strong community partnerships. They want to improve the quality of life for every resident in every area throughout the Twin Cities. To encourage good housing for everyone, they also fight for fair housing policies and public investment in all aspects of housing.


One of the biggest things Habitat for Humanity does is operate ReStores. Habitat for Humanity ReStore in MN seeks to raise money from donated furniture, home furnishings, and building supplies.

How Can You Get Involved with Habitat for Humanity MN?

In the Twin Cities, many factors are making it hard for families to buy a home. Housing costs continue to rise while wages stay the same. One-quarter of Minnesota residents spend at least 30% of their income on housing. With so much of their funds going towards rent or mortgage, there is not much let for healthy food, school needs, savings, or anything else.


However, that one in four statistic means that three out of four, or 75% of Minnesotans, can help. If you fall in the latter category, you can make an impactful difference in the lives of fellow Twin Cities residents.


Getting involved with Habitat for Humanity can create stability in families that will last for generations. H4H new initiative, Multiplying the Impact aims to build homes for substantially more Minnesota families.


If you want to get involved in H4H, there are many things you can do. Contact Habitat for Humanity for specific ways to be active. If you wish to donate money, materials, time, or something else, you can make a positive impact.

Results of Habitat for Humanity MN

When you start looking at the results from Habitat for Humanity, there is no denying the significant amount of good that our community has seen. Among some of the best things to come from H4H are:

  • Safety: more than 90% of residents feel safe in their H4H home. Plus, 80% of families say they and their kids feel safer in their new home than their previous one.

  • Health: Of the homeowners that have a family member with a respiratory illness, 57% said they saw improvement after moving into their new home.

  • Education: in 92% of H4H homes, at least one adult started, plans to begin, or completed higher education or training programs after moving into their new home.

  • Financial Stability: 53% of H4H homeowners say that they have more money after moving into their new home. Furthermore, every type of government assistance program used saw a decrease of at least 15% (except disability programs).

  • Community and Family: 84% of H4H homeowners say they feel more connected to their community after moving into their Habitat home. Also, 70% of homeowners say they spend more time with their families now that they have a new, safe home.

  • Hope: 93% of H4H homeowners feel more hopeful and positive about their future now that they have a new home.

Why Roost Partners with Habitat for Humanity

At Roost, we feel we are so much more than a real estate company in the Minneapolis area. We are finding people homes. Whether we work with an individual, a couple, or a family, we want to find them a home they love and a community in which they can invest.


When you love your home and your neighborhood, you are more likely to support the area you live in and your community. By working with Habitat for Humanity, we can broadly impact the city.


We work with Habitat for Humanity in a variety of ways. From donating money to investing time and energy into building homes, our team works hard to support our community. When you choose Roost to help you find your home, you can feel good knowing we are doing what we can to help other people find their home throughout the Twin Cities.


When you choose Roost, you can be part of making a positive social impact on Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. We will help you find your dream home, whether it be a condo, apartment, townhome, or house. Our clients are extremely satisfied after working with us, and their reviews of Facebook and Google prove that.


At Roost, we want to do more than find people homes. We want to do good and make positive changes in the community we love. Let us help you find your next roost, and help us support our community at the same time. Call Roost today and see how soon you can be settling into your new home and getting involved in your new community.

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March 9, 2019

Find your Pot of Gold in Golden Valley, MN


If you enjoy the downtown Minneapolis scene and culture but don’t want to live there, then Golden Valley is the perfect place to be. Just five miles outside of the city, you’re close enough to visit anytime but far enough away to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle.


In this inclusive and peaceful suburb, you’ll appreciate the friendly atmosphere as well as the opportunities for recreation with the many parks and trails. Golden Valley began as a small agricultural community, including farms, dairies, and mills. In time, the population grew, and the valley began to flourish. Today, businesses such as General Mills and Honeywell help supply jobs and support the economy.


Whether you’re looking for a place to raise a family, retire, or focus on your career without the hustle and bustle of the city, Golden Valley is an ideal place to call home. At Roost, we know the area well. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll fall in love with Golden Valley.

Things to do In Golden Valley

While downtown is just a short jaunt away, there’s still plenty to see and do in Golden Valley. While making your home in this lovely Minneapolis suburb, you’ll enjoy getting to know the people, places, events, and activities that make Golden Valley special.

Youth Activities

Golden Valley is the perfect place to raise a family. If you have kids, you’ll be happy to know that there is always something kid-related going on in Golden Valley. When it comes to sports, there are many opportunities for kids to join a team with their friends. From hockey and lacrosse to softball and soccer, your kids will have a blast playing their favorite sports.


When summer rolls around, your family will love spending time at any of the Golden Valley parks. In addition to trails for walking and biking, playgrounds for climbing, rinks for skating, and pools for swimming, you’ll enjoy various events. Concerts, movie nights, story time, and water days are just a few fun activities for families and kids.


Golden Park features a recreation center offering music and dance lessons, cooking classes, sports skills camps, arts and crafts, and so much more for the area youth. You’ll always find something to keep the kids involved and interested.

Parks and Trails

Golden Valley takes pride in its many parks and trails. With so many places to indulge in the natural beauty of Minnesota, you’ll have plenty of options for spending time outdoors in the scenic area. Whether you’re looking for a bike trail, a community park, or a nature area, the choices are abundant. Golden Valley boasts more than 1,035 acres of parks and open space and fifty miles of trails.

Golden Valley Nightlife

You don’t have to go downtown to enjoy a fun evening out. Schuller’s Tavern offers live music and an exceptional menu. From imaginative cocktails to delicious entrées, Schuller’s is a fantastic place to meet up with friends after work or enjoy a date night.


Three One Six Bar and Grill is another choice for a fun night out. With trivia nights, live music, happy hour, and an outdoor patio and firepit, you can’t go wrong with this hip venue. Grab a few of your friends or that special someone and treat yourself to an evening out.

Places to Eat

Enjoy gourmet food and fine dining without having to go downtown. Golden Valley is home to a wide variety of eateries. There’s always something yummy to taste in Golden Valley. Try Doolittles Woodfire Grill for lunch or dinner. From meats and burgers cooked over a wood fire to pasta and salads, you can’t go wrong with their extensive menu. With a gluten-free and a vegetarian menu, there’s something for everyone at Doolittle’s.


Whether you’re looking for a chain restaurant or something more unique, Golden Valley can satisfy your appetite. Check out New Bohemia for the best in craft beer, appetizers, and sausages and burgers. If you are looking for Thai food, you can’t go wrong with Nong’s Thai Cuisine. Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere and fresh, authentic food for lunch or dinner.

Top-Rated Schools

In addition to tasty restaurants and fun activities, Golden Valley students have the privilege of attending some of the best Minneapolis-area schools. Meadowbrook Elementary is a top-rated Minnesota school in the Hopkins Public School District. Students there enjoy smaller class sizes and demonstrate high proficiency in math and reading. Meadowbrook is just one fantastic school in Golden Valley.

Make Golden Valley Your Next Move

If you’re looking for a quiet and wholesome Minneapolis suburb to call home, Golden Valley is an ideal choice. Ideal for raising a family or retiring, you’ll love the peaceful and family-oriented atmosphere. With excellent schools, plenty to do, and the laid-back vibe of a suburb, Golden Valley is a fantastic place to live, work, and play.


When you’re ready to relocate to Golden Valley, let Roost help you find the perfect place to call home. Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhouse, or single-family home, you’ll appreciate being part of this highly sought-after community.


With quick and easy access to downtown Minneapolis, fun places to eat, and quality entertainment, you’ll fit right in with the Golden Valley lifestyle. Contact Roost today and let our real estate professionals take the stress out of buying a home. You won’t have to worry about any part of the home buying process with Roost at your side.


Roost is here to help you with any of your real estate needs. With trust, knowledge, and a unique process, we will ensure your home purchase is smooth and enjoyable. We look forward to working with you and finding your Golden Valley home!

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March 8, 2019

Healthy Holistic Living in Minneapolis


If you are like many people in Minneapolis, you enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle. The Twin Cities, in general, is full of people who care about wellness and take steps daily to enhance their health.

Whether you enjoy being active outdoors by walking, hiking, or biking, or you prefer indoor workouts like yoga, you will find everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Minneapolis. If you seek fresh, whole foods to fuel your body and access to wellness practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, look no further than Minneapolis.


At Roost, we specialize in finding you an incredible home or condo in the Twin Cities. Let us help you find your next home near the best parks, or close to your favorite yoga studio and farmers market.

Outdoor Attractions

The Twin Cities and Minneapolis, in particular, are full of beautiful and exciting parks. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board manages over 6,800 acres of parkland and wetlands throughout the city. The Mississippi River flows right through town and impressive parks offering a wide range of outdoor activities line its banks.


The Mill Ruins Park and Gold Medal Park are in the heart of downtown. Both of these parks offer incredible views of the Falls of St. Anthony, the only natural falls on the upper Mississippi. They also provide beautiful views of downtown Minneapolis and miles of trails for walking or biking.


Heading west from the river, Loring Park and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden are near each other. Known for its peaceful, natural vibe, Loring Park also hosts great events throughout the year. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden will pique the interest of anyone who journeys through.


Some other popular parks are Riverside Park and Boom Island Park. Whether you’re looking to work off some energy or relax and meditate among beautiful scenery, you’ll find a spot in one of the parks around town.


Even if you aren’t intentionally working out, there are many ways to enjoy being active outside. Minneapolis is a very walkable city. Grocery shopping, window shopping, and going out to eat can all involve walking year-round using the city’s famous Skyway system.


Depending on the time of the year, you can take in a Twins game or a Vikings game. There are a variety of companies that offer biking and walking tours of the city, as well. Even if you have lived here your whole life, you might see something new.

Healthy Food

It is easy to eat healthy in Minneapolis. There are a variety of restaurants that offer local and organic foods that meet the requirements of a variety of diets. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, or anything else, you will find a restaurant that cooks some delicious food on your plan.


Minneapolis residents, especially those who live downtown, have easy access to some of the best restaurants in the city and the state. Chefs take great care to prepare your meals with fresh, whole ingredients.


If you enjoy cooking and want to ensure you have healthy food to fill your plate and table, the Minneapolis Farmers Market will be a favorite spot for you and your family. With three locations and different times throughout the week, you will always be near fresh food. The more than 200 vendors ensure there is a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and baked goods to take home. It’s the perfect place to stock up on healthy foods to fuel your active lifestyle.

Active Lifestyle

Minneapolis is one of the top ten cities in America for leading an active life. The city has the most basketball hoops and baseball diamonds per capita. You will be able to pick up a game wherever you are in the city.


There are also over 120 unique places to take a yoga class. Wherever you live in the city and whatever kind of yoga class you prefer, there is a class nearby. Yoga is good for the body and the mind. A single session of yoga can help center your mind, reduce stress, stretch your body, and increase flexibility.


You will also find a variety of sports clubs and gyms to join. Whether you prefer lifting weights, running on a treadmill, swimming, or playing tennis, there is a place you can work out and feel good. Many of the condo buildings in Minneapolis have gyms on-site, as well. Some also have saunas and hot-tubs to help you sweat out toxins and soothe tight muscles.

Professional Help

Throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, you will find a variety of professionals to help you reach and maintain a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Balanced Care has two locations, one in Edina and one in Woodbury. Registered Naturopathic Doctors will guide you towards your best life and optimal health.


If you are looking for a way to naturally treat many ailments, Balanced Care, or any of the other fantastic holistic healthcare practices around the city will support you in your journey.


Mental health is also an essential aspect of holistic healthcare. Because one in four Americans suffers from anxiety or depression, it is critical for a city to offer a variety of mental health professionals. You will find high-quality providers throughout the city.

Call Roost

If you are interested in finding a house or condo in Minneapolis, Roost can help make that happen. We can help you find a home near parks and recreation that will help you maintain an active lifestyle. You will be able to walk to places around the city, from restaurants and shopping to gyms and sporting fields. Your next home could be down the street from a massage center, yoga studio, indoor ice rink, and chiropractor.


At Roost, we can help you find a home you’ll love in a city you’ll thrive in. Enjoy getting healthy in Minneapolis and taking advantage of all the city has to offer.

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Feb. 24, 2019

Minneapolis: Getting it All Right


The Twin Cities (with St. Paul). The City of Lakes. Mill City. Mini Apple. All of these terms fondly describe the city we all love, Minneapolis. They say that once you’ve been here, you never leave, and if you’ve never been here, you’re missing out.


So what is so great about Minneapolis? Why do over 420,000 people call Minneapolis home? That number doesn’t count the more than 3.5 million people who live in the metro area, including St. Paul and all the suburbs.


At Roost, we know it is no secret what makes Minneapolis such an incredible city. From the affordable housing to the high level of education of its citizens to the low level of unemployment, Minneapolis is a fabulous city to call home.

History and Geographical Benefits

Minneapolis is a unique and pioneering city. There is a significant number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered here, drastically more than other similar-sized cities. Why is this?


Perhaps Minneapolis owes this phenomenon to decades-old policies encouraging companies to start, and stay, in Minneapolis, including a tax policy to care for everyone. Beginning in the 1960s, towns around the Twin Cities sought to lure new businesses to the area by offering tax incentives.


Initially, this policy lowered revenue in the area and depleted their social services budgets. By 1971, it was clear something had to be done to ensure the continued success of the area.


The plan passed by the legislature required every local government in the area to contribute about half of their growth in business tax revenues to a pool of funds. This money was then redistributed to districts that brought in fewer taxes.


This “fiscal equalization” plan was the first tried at a metropolitan area in the country. It was successful because it diminished the difference between rich and poor areas, as the wealthier regions shared their bounty with others who had lower revenues for various reasons.


At this point, we have seen generations of businesses throughout the Twin Cities sharing the wealth across the region. Because wealth is not concentrated in a single district, the entire metro area’s quality of life throughout the city and suburbs is quite high.


Downtown Minneapolis is also thriving because local policies have prevented ghettos from forming or calcifying. In the mid-1970s, Minnesota passed a law that required local governments to provide affordable housing in their regions. Minneapolis took this seriously and built low-income housing in all the quickly growing suburbs.


Since the Twin Cities enforced policies on fair housing and tax revenue sharing, there is a wide variety of desirable neighborhoods and high-quality schools. Furthermore, the area is affordable for young professionals who choose to stay local. As these young professionals grow and make more money, they frequently stay in Minneapolis. Many people enjoy moving to Minneapolis for its sustainability.


Another benefit for Minneapolis that many other cities don’t have is its geography. Because Minneapolis is not near other major metropolitan areas, talented professionals aren’t pulled away to nearby cities by competing companies. The talent stays in the city.


Plus, Minneapolis can expand because no real geographic barrier stops the expansion. Unlike major coastal cities who can’t develop the ocean, Minneapolis has land for miles and miles.


When it comes to education, Minneapolis is a highly-educated city. Nearly 50% of the residents have a bachelor's degree or higher, compared with just over 30% of citizens having a bachelor's degree nationally. This statistic bodes well for employment rates, as well as the quality of life.


In the Twin Cities region, the average household wealth is higher than most cities in the country, including Salt Lake City, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Minneapolis also ranks in the top ten in the country for the college graduation rate for residents under 35 years of age. The Twin Cities ranks in the top ten nationally for highest median earnings and lowest percentage of people in poverty. Looking at these numbers, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy living in Minneapolis.


Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the Twin Cities is 2.7%. This rate is not seasonally adjusted, and it is better than most of the country. The city’s 2.7% unemployment rate is more than a full percentage point lower than the national average in 2019.


With so many Fortune 500 companies based in the Twin Cities area, 19 to be exact, there is a plethora of jobs in a variety of fields. The vast majority of working-age adults who wish to find a job, find one.


The housing market in Minneapolis tends to fare better than the national market. People are moving to Minneapolis and choosing to stay. Houses sell for more than 98% of the asking price. There are plenty of homes on the market, and people put an average of 13.6% down on a purchase.


All of this means that housing is affordable. Young professionals and families generally have no problem finding and affording a house. The only problem you might notice is getting the home or condo you want, as particular neighborhoods can be very competitive among buyers.

Call Roost Today

Roost first opened our doors in Minneapolis more than ten years ago. We have watched the city grow to be even more incredible than it was in our early days.


Roost is one of the leading real estate agencies in the Twin Cities region. Past clients highly praise us because we work hard to ensure everyone finds a place they want to come home to. We are a full-service boutique helping buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, investors, and developers.


We take pride in partnering with local neighborhoods and serving our community. Following the example of generations past in the area, we work hard to ensure everyone has access to housing. This is why we feel it is essential to partner with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.


If you are interested in finding a roost in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities, give us a call today. We will work with you and help you find the home or condo of your dreams.

Feb. 17, 2019

What is Real Estate Development and What Does it Mean to You?


How often have you been driving down the street and noticed a familiar area of your city under construction? Real estate development companies are always in the process of redesigning buildings, neighborhoods, and regions.


Like many people, you might be a little annoyed when you see construction. Or maybe you are perturbed that things are changing. Plus, there is the problem of the traffic and congestion caused by the construction.


Despite the frustrations, real estate development is usually a good thing. At Roost, we know real estate development benefits our city in many ways. We have found many people homes in recently developed older buildings that are now incredible condos with spectacular features and views.


So what are the benefits of real estate development companies renovating and constructing new properties in cities like Minneapolis? The new developments attract people to the area, encourage job growth, and tend to increase property values.

What is Real Estate Development?

When you think of buying and selling real estate, you generally think of a fairly straightforward process. Someone has a building or house they no longer wish to own, and someone else purchases said house or property.


Real estate development is a little more complicated. In this process, an individual or group of investors purchase an existing building or land and develops, or changes it. Often, an older building is renovated, divided into smaller entities, or redesigned to fit a need. Their goal is not to live or host their business there, but to make a return on their investment by then selling or renting the developed property.


Real estate developers manage all the improvement on the property they have purchased. These people, or companies, take an idea -- such as turning an abandoned warehouse into condominiums -- and make it happen before our eyes. Real estate development includes construction during the development process, but it is much more than just construction.


Typically, a real estate developer goes through many steps to make their dream of a renovated building or tract of land come true. From the initial purchase to financing the deal to marketing and designing to the building, developers manage the process from beginning to end. It is a high-risk, but the goal is to earn a high-reward.

Attracting People to the Area

Real estate development is an excellent tool to attract people to a particular area. Whether you are revitalizing an older area of town to create modern, new condos, or purchasing land to parcel out into neighborhoods or future businesses, developed real estate creates opportunities for people to live and work.


Many larger cities have seen a tremendous increase in young, working-aged individuals moving into their areas. Young people are thronging to creative and modern condos created from old warehouses or buildings. Frequently, these older buildings are near downtown or rivers for ease of access to transportation, nightlife, amenities, and nature. These formerly industrial buildings often have great views and attractions for an apartment or condo in the heart of a city.

Real Estate Development Fuels Job Growth

Real estate development is responsible for a large number of jobs before, during, and after the project is complete. During the process, many individuals and companies are hired to complete the variety of tasks required for development.


Developers hire a variety of people to complete the many aspects of the development process. In the initial stages, developers require people for site evaluation and land acquisition. They also need architects and planners. After the land purchase, developers require officials to obtain title and government approvals, as well as financial experts, analysts, master planners, and project managers. This list doesn’t even include the significant number of individuals necessary for construction and physical labor.


Real estate development encompasses a vast array of jobs and areas of expertise that employ a large number of people. After the project is complete, there are often more jobs to be had. If the project is an apartment or condo building, then it will need to employ managers, maintenance, and other professionals to run the building. If the finished product is a retail or business location, these shops will provide jobs to even more people.

Increasing Property Values

It is no secret that old, neglected, or abandoned areas and buildings are not only eyesores, but they also decrease the property value of everything around them. Developing these underutilized areas not only makes the area visually more appealing, but it also increases the value of everything around it.


Consider an old, unused warehouse. Real estate development companies can take that abandoned building and create an incredible new space for condos, which then allows the influx of young professionals to the area. Those new residents create demand, and supply will follow. Restaurants, coffee shops, and retail shops enter the area to cater to the new residents. The value of all the land in the area increases to match the wave of change that is coming.

Call Roost

If you are interested in being a part of the revitalization that is happening around Minneapolis, give us a call at Roost. We will help you find a condo or house in an area that has been developed to suit your needs and style.


We love our city, and over the last decade we have been in business, we have seen the city grow and change for the better. We believe in giving back to our neighborhoods, and we are committed to serving the community we call home. Our mission is to make a social impact through each business transaction.


People in Minneapolis know that everyone benefits when developers turn dilapidated or abandoned areas into something new, inventive, and useful. We love finding our clients homes in renovated buildings. Many professionals, families, and couples have found a house or condo they love calling home in an area deemed dead not too long ago.


Give Roost a call and see where we can find your next home in Minneapolis. Thanks to real estate development, the possibilities are endless.

Feb. 14, 2019

Guide to Finding the Perfect Minneapolis Neighborhood

Minneapolis is a vibrant, diverse cityscape, with acres of gorgeous parks, plenty of historic venues, an array of exciting museums, and a fabulous art scene. Each neighborhood in the City of Lakes has a niche fit for every kind of lifestyle. Whether you're a recent college grad, a career-driven professional, a new parent, or an adventure-seeking retiree, there's a neighborhood waiting for you in Minneapolis. 

Make a Wish List

Before you go scope out the streets, sit down and make a wish list. Carefully consider your lifestyle and your day-to-day routine. If you're a fitness fiend, you may want to pick a location with great gyms, yoga studios, Crossfit classes, or running trails. Foodies may want a spot near all the best eats, and those who enjoy nightlife should consider the local bar scene. Think about your needs when it comes to noise, open space, and natural areas. When you're finished with your list, your new neighborhood should tick all your boxes, a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter the time of day.

Spend Some Quality Time

Before you settle on a neighborhood, spend some quality time in a few different places. Minneapolis has plenty of great spots, so it's easy to be a tourist! Visit all the favorite local haunts, have a picnic in the park, take your dog for a walk, or go for a run. Spend an afternoon at the library or go see a movie. Doing activities that mirror your regular routine will give you a good idea of the vibe in each neighborhood and will help you to imagine yourself in living in that space. After all, you'll want your dream home to become your reality!

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Minneapolis is a very friendly city with plenty of interesting folks, so don't be afraid to talk to the locals! If you decide to move in, they might just become your neighbors. Frequent a coffee shop a few days in a row and get acquainted with the barista. Ask around for the best breakfast sandwich or brunch spot, and then see for yourself! Go out for happy hour, have a drink or two, and chat up the bartender. Reaching out like this can be challenging and may make you feel vulnerable. However, the more at ease you feel in the neighborhood, the better! And, you may just make a few new friends along the way. 

Crime Statistics 

Telecommute from home or work the graveyard shift? Travel frequently, or have young kids? No matter who you are, your safety and the safety of your family are extremely important. As such, you'll want to look into the crime statistics of each neighborhood you're considering. There are other external factors that indicate the general safety of the area like it's proximity to schools, religious and community centers, libraries, and other amenities. Safer neighborhoods tend to be more expensive areas to live in, but with patience and careful research, there is potential to find something in each neighborhood for almost any budget. Some of the safest neighborhoods in Minneapolis are those with excellent local schools and include Fulton, Macalester-Groveland, and St. Anthony Park

School Districts

Whether or not you have kids (or plan to have them in the future), living in a neighborhood in a high-ranking school district is an important aspect to consider. If children are a factor, you'll want to choose a location that will allow your child to flourish. Your child's school district should not only encourage them to love learning but should provide your child with guidance that represents your values. Representation is important!

Aside from providing quality education, great school districts tend to increase property values in the area, as those homes are in high demand. Wayzata, Minnetonka, and Eden Prairie School Districts are just a few of the most highly rated school districts in Minnesota.

Walk, Transit, and Bike Score

A quick and easy way to get an idea of a neighborhood is to look into its walk, bike, and transit scores. These numbers give potential buyers and renters an idea of how easy it is to get around by foot, by bike, or by public transit. The closer the number is to 100, the closer your home or neighborhood is to local amenities. For example, areas with high scores have easy access to grocery stores, health care, emergency services, libraries, restaurants, bars, gyms, pools, entertainment, and more! This will be particularly important if your family doesn't have a car or other form of reliable transportation. Lyn-Lake is Minneapolis's most walkable neighborhood with a score of 94, followed closely by Downtown West and Lowry Hill East. No matter where you decide to settle down, you should feel comfortable walking out into the world, and enjoying every minute!


The process of finding your dream home to choosing local movers should be exciting. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, taking all of the above into consideration is important for identifying an area that allows you to be your best self in. 

Need help narrowing your needs or location down? Here's how we can help.

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Feb. 13, 2019

The Mill District, Time to Explore



History and culture meet modern style in the Mill District of Minneapolis. With spectacular river views, gorgeous scenery renovated former flour mills, and contemporary lofts and condos, you’ll love the contrast of old and new.


Whether you’re visiting for the day or looking to relocate, the Mill District is a fun and inviting neighborhood. From the Mill City Museum to the numerous biking and walking trails around the area, you’ll fall in love with this charming neighborhood.  


If you’re looking to move to this fantastic part of town, Roost can help you find the perfect condo, townhome, or loft. You don’t have to sacrifice history and beauty for style and convenience with the wide variety of amenities available in these luxury condos. Surround yourself with scenic parks amidst thriving urban development for the best of both worlds. Our experienced agents are ready to help you find your place in the Mill District.


With exciting nightlife, thriving businesses, and a modern take on vintage buildings, you’ll appreciate the rich culture and convenience of the Mill District. If you’re planning a visit or a move to this exciting neighborhood, check out these fabulous sights and places to visit.

The Beauty of the Mississippi River

No matter what draws you to the Mill District, you can’t deny the beauty of the Mississippi River. The Mill District offers several ways to get out and enjoy the scenery and fresh air along the shores.

St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail

If you are looking for a fun walk to familiarize yourself with the history and scenery of the Mill District, you’ll love the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail. This almost two-mile loop takes you over the historic Stone Arch Bridge where you’ll get stunning views of St. Anthony Falls and the surrounding areas. Kiosks along the trail share information and stories about the local history.


While you’re at it, check out the St. Anthony Falls Visitor Center for additional information and more phenomenal views of the falls.

Mill Ruins Park

At the foot of the Stone Arch Bridge lies Mill Ruins Park. On the bank of the Mississippi River, you can enjoy walking and biking paths, rustic remnants of 19th-century flour mills, and other historical landmarks. Stunning views and local history make this park a worthwhile experience.

Central Minneapolis Riverfront Regional Park

If you love to bike, the Central Minneapolis Riverfront Regional Park is a great way to ride along both sides of the river and take in the landscape. Paved bicycle and walking paths will take you on a beautiful journey along the river. Take a break for a picnic lunch in the park and check out the beautiful gardens while you’re there.

Experience Culture and History Right Outside Your Door

One of the fantastic things about living in the Mill District is that the history and culture of the area are right outside your door. With many landmarks and historical features in walking distance from your condo, you’ll quickly get a feel for the origins of the neighborhood.

Mill City Museum

Take a walk to the Mill City Museum and discover the rich heritage that defines the Mill District. What was once the world’s largest flour mill is now an intriguing and informational museum, providing visitors with a look at the industry and history that set the stage for today’s Mill District.


There’s something for everyone at the museum, and you’ll love the beautiful architecture of the building, as well as the culture and history it contains.

Minneapolis Grain Exchange

Amongst the historic buildings, you’ll also find the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. Unique architecture and history make the grain exchange a fun and exciting experience for everyone.


Get a feel for the rich history of the Mill District and visit the trading floor where grains such as wheat and barley are bid and sold to investors and producers. You’ll appreciate the educational experience as well as the art and building itself.

Getting Around the Mill District and Minneapolis

The Mill District has a few interesting, fun, and convenient transportation options.

Minneapolis Skyway System

The Minneapolis Skyway System is a fantastic way to get around downtown Minneapolis, especially when it’s cold out. This interconnecting system of second-floor bridges and walkways covers 80 city blocks and more than 9.5 miles. You’ll stay warm and dry as you walk around the city, avoiding traffic while enjoying your pace. The Skyway is more than just an elevated sidewalk. You’ll find coffee shops, restaurants, and interesting shops and sights to browse and visit.

The Metro Transit Blue and Green Lines

While the Mill District boasts the ease of walking to and from your destinations, the Metro Transit Blue and Green Lines are also available. Catch a ride from U.S. Bank stadium and head across town.

Luxury Living in the Scenic Mill District

Condos and townhomes in the Mill District aren’t just part of the history of the area. They offer true luxury living in the heart of the city. Mill District condos feature high ceilings, hardwood floors, elegant kitchens with granite countertops and stainless appliances, heated underground garages, and amenities such as concierges, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas, fitness centers, dog parks, game rooms, and more.


These spectacular homes are close to fine dining, vibrant nightlife, and thriving businesses. Surrounding these popular condos are panoramic views of the Mississippi River and gorgeous scenery.


The Mill District offers a unique combination of culture and history paired with modern style, class, and convenience. Whether you’re looking to visit the farmer’s market for local produce, spend the afternoon in one of the various parks, or check out the historical landmarks, you’ll love the Mill District community.


Let Roost partner with you to find the perfect condo in the Mill District. We can find you the condo you’ve been looking for, complete with the amenities and space synonymous with luxury living in downtown Minneapolis.


Surround yourself with nature, culture, and thriving commerce and business and make yourself at home in the Mill District. Roost’s experienced professionals provide exceptional service and expertise to help you find the condo you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today and start living the dream in the Mill District.

Feb. 3, 2019

Why Minneapolis Appeals to Hipsters


Are you in your twenties or thirties? Do you pride yourself on your independent and progressive thinking? Do you appreciate art on a deep level? Are your friends intelligent and often engage in witty banter? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be a hipster!


Though a common identifier in American lingo today, hipster is an oft-misunderstood term. People who define themselves as hipsters pride themselves on being creative, original, and free-thinking, living life on their own terms.


If you resonate with this description, you will find a thriving community of like-minded individuals in Minneapolis. There’s more to hipster living than Williamsburg, Wicker Park, or Mission District. New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco are great, but Minneapolis is also a phenomenal choice for hipsters.


Roost can help you find the perfect area of this great city to live. Whether you are looking for a condo near the nightlife or a single family home in a quieter area, Minneapolis has a variety of living arrangements you could call your own. Call today and learn how soon you could call Minneapolis home.


Jobs Galore

Almost anyone in Minneapolis will tell you that this city is a great place to live and work. With an incredibly low unemployment rate, you are practically guaranteed to find a job. As of November 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics rates the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area as number one in the country for unemployment, with only 2% of the work-eligible population without a job.


With numbers like this, you can feel comfortable starting a business, or looking for your dream job. You won’t have to settle for a job just because you need to work, and there are no other offers.


Jobseekers in the area can use tools from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, or DEED online or in person to find open jobs, acquire new skills, learn about starting a business or gain knowledge for a future career.


Many well-known brands in a variety of industries have their headquarters in Minnesota. Companies such as Best Buy, Target, Honeywell, Medtronic, and 3M provide thousands of jobs in the area.


If you are interested in tech jobs, look no further than Minneapolis. Boasting thousands of tech jobs across many fields, including medical and computer technology, you will find a job that is fulfilling and challenging at a salary that allows you to live the life you want.



Living in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is full of incredible housing, including loft-style condos, comfortable single-family homes, and modern apartments. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Minneapolis. There are condos to fit any budget and luxury homes to rival properties in New York or Los Angeles. Whether you choose a city high-rise in the thriving heart of downtown or a single family home in a neighborhood district, you will be in a fantastic city with a great deal to offer.


Minneapolis residents enjoy countless restaurants, bars, retail establishments, and markets. Many chefs in the area have won a James Beard award for their delicious and incredible food. You’ll never be at a loss for an award-winning haute cuisine restaurant, or a hip, new fusion bistro. The diverse slate of restaurants in the area will accommodate specific diets, tastes, and palates. You can find farm-to-table venues, brunch, and foods from all over the world.


For a truly unique experience, check out the Walker Art Center. Not only will you see awe-inspiring paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and other works in nine galleries, you will also get the chance to taste international fare inspired by cultures around the world. Gather by D’Amico offers a fun and tantalizing atmosphere with weekly specials, as well as guest chefs. To top the experience off, you can enjoy a phenomenal view of the city through the wall-sized windows on the top floor.


If you’re looking for an awesome coffee shop, check out Spyhouse Coffee. This eclectic shop can be found on Nicollet Avenue and in multiple locations, so you are always close to one of the best cups of coffee in the city. Spyhouse offers a hipster vibe along with energizing and rich coffee. Besides Spyhouse, there are countless other shops for a freshly brewed cup of joe and free Wi-Fi.


When it comes to shopping, you will find a variety of options. In the summer and early fall, you will find lively farmers’ markets offering local food, beverages, and artisanal fare. There are bookshops and coffee shops to fill up a quiet afternoon. Many local boutiques provide just about anything you can want while patronizing your neighborhood economy.


Beyond shopping, there are art fairs, festivals, street concerts, theatre venues, and more. There are brunch places in every district. As a Minneapolis resident, you will have no problem filling your time when you aren’t working or at home.


Entertainment and Nightlife

If you enjoy beer, you will never be bored in Minneapolis. With over 100 breweries in the city, you will always have a new place to try, and new types of beer to taste. Dangerous Man Brewing Co. consistently rates as one of the best breweries in Minneapolis. Another must-try is Lakes and Legends Brewing. But these are just the tip of the iceberg. Whatever type of beer you enjoy, you will find a brewery to match.


If you enjoy a night on the town, there are countless bars and clubs to entertain. Whether you are looking for a laid-back place to hang out and enjoy a high-quality beverage, a speakeasy with incredible drinks, a club with loud dance music, or a live show, you will find something to create a memorable night. With so many choices, from chill to crazy, you will never have a boring night.


Minneapolis offers a variety of live music venues from small and personal to large and impressive. Many Grammy-nominated and winning songwriters have performed in the area, such as Ellie Goulding and Prince. Some of the biggest names in the industry have also graced stages here, including The Rolling Stones.



Roost Can Help You Call Minneapolis Home

The expert staff at Roost is ready and available to help you find condos for sale in Minneapolis, or a house or townhome. They know the area and will do whatever it takes to help you find the perfect home. See why Minneapolis is the ideal city for hipsters.

Jan. 30, 2019

7 Tips to Refresh Your Kitchen Without Renovating


From dinner parties to game nights to family dinners, your kitchen should be an inviting space of warmth and adventure. A room that inspires you to cook, to host, and to enjoy each delicious bite. Outdated kitchens can start to feel stale, making it harder to find the perfect spark you need to plan your next meal. However, you don't have to be stuck with the same old things day in and day out. Here are a few easy ways to spice up your kitchen, without having to remodel:


1.   Cabinetry

If you find yourself surrounded by panels of scratched, cheap, or outdated wood, try painting your cabinets! Dark, cool colors like navy, black, and gray can modernize cabinetry in a flash. Looking for a way to relieve some clutter? Opt for open storage. Shelves are a great way to make a space feel cozier, and you can also show off some of your more beautiful dish ware as decoration! Paint and shelving aren't the only option to spruce up your cabinetry, get creative by replacing the door fronts with glass or chicken wire.


2.   Lighting 

Adding under-cabinet lighting brightens your kitchen while adding value to your home. Already have this feature? Try switching out the other light fixtures in your kitchen. Pendant lighting is an elegant way to add a little something extra to the room, bringing your kitchen into the modern age.


3.   Hardware and Faucets

Update your hardware! Your cabinet pulls may be small but switching them for something minimalist and modern can really do wonders for your kitchen. Make sure that your new hardware is the same size as the old; you don't want to have to go through the trouble of drilling new holes and damaging your cabinets. If you want to go the extra mile, match your hardware with a new faucet.   


4.   Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint can really illuminate just how faded or grimy your walls have become. Change things up a bit and update your color scheme! If you want to go subtle, opt for light grays, blues, and greens. If you're feeling bold, red is said to stimulate appetite and can energize the room. You also don't have to paint everything; an accent wall can do just as much!


5.   Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is a lot more versatile than you might think. Of course, you can always go for glass or tile, as both are functional and tasteful. However, materials like embossed concrete, salvaged wood, chalkboard paint, tin sheets, antique mirror, and penny tiles add character and class, usually without too much extra cost.


6.   Appliances

Even if the rest of your kitchen is up to date, aging appliances can really send your space back in time. An easy way to update and is to replace dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators with stainless steal. Additionally, features like french door ovens, swipe touch controls, or retro or industrial designs can really make a statement. When swapping out for new appliances, make sure your old appliances are removed in a safe manner. Whether that be donating, recycling, or taking the proper precautions to toss them responsibly. 


7.   Decorate

Redecorating your kitchen is a relatively cost-effective way to modernize without breaking the bank. First, try bringing in more organic elements. Find a few different places to feature vases of flowers or organize a few different fruit bowls. If you have a lot of natural light, potted plants are another good option. No need to worry if you don't have a green thumb; succulents are colorful, bright, and easy to take care of. Or, display some antiques! If you don't have any, you can go search your local antique shops, or check out a thrift store. Thrift stores are also a great place to find art, decorative vases, quirky statement pieces, and more! 

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