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April 29, 2019

Avoid these Maintenance Pitfalls when considering selling your home


If you are a homeowner, you’re no stranger to the maintenance requirements of your house. From keeping your home looking its best, to home improvement projects like remodeling and painting, you take pride in your home.


With all of the big tasks you take on for your home, you might find yourself in need of home maintenance services. Having a home maintenance company is an ideal way to keep up on jobs around the house.


Ensuring you’re covering all of the essential tasks of home maintenance can be difficult and sometimes feel overwhelming. If you aren’t ready to hire a home maintenance service, you can tackle the projects yourself with a home maintenance checklist, printable right from the web.


While a checklist or home maintenance service might be just the ticket for regular upkeep on your home, what about if you are considering selling your home? If you are preparing to sell your home, you will need to evaluate the various maintenance tasks that you’ll have to take on before putting your house on the market.


When it comes time to sell your home, the professionals at Roost are here to get your home ready. We can help list your home for sale as well as plan the necessary maintenance that you’ll need to work on before you put the “for sale” sign up.


We are here to walk you through the selling process from start to finish and find you your next dream home. If you’re ready to put your home on the market, check out how to avoid these common maintenance pitfalls, you can make selling your home simple with these useful tips.

Keep Up On Maintenance All Year

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t run into an overwhelming amount of work before listing your home is to keep up on it throughout the year. While accomplishing this seems easier said than done, creating a seasonal home maintenance checklist will help keep you on track.


If you haven’t been thinking about your home’s care and upkeep throughout the year and are ready to get your home sold, pick up in whatever season you are in and complete the jobs for that particular time of year. Tackling projects that are pertinent to the current season will at least ensure that the tasks get finished on time.


As the summer season shifts into fall, consider the following tasks:

  • Check your home for safety hazards.

  • Check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and ensure your fire extinguishers are current.

  • If you have a wood stove or fireplace you use, schedule a cleaning for your chimney.

  • Schedule a furnace inspection.

  • Clean your kitchen stove exhaust fan and hood.

  • Vacuum refrigerator coils.

  • Make sure to trim the trees and shrubs near the home.

  • Clean gutters and inspect your roof for any damage.

  • Cover your outdoor furniture.


Winter can be a challenging time of year. Exterior home maintenance projects will get likely put on hold as inclement weather hits.

  • Clean your dryer vent.

  • Check your toilets and sinks for any leaks.

  • Inspect the hoses on your washing machine and dishwasher for leaks.


Spring is the perfect time to work on your home. Spring cleaning is likely on your mind and getting outside in the sun is enticing.

  • Clean and seal your deck if applicable.

  • Check window screens for repair or replacement.

  • Clean the gutters.

  • Inspect the roof for damage after the harsh winter weather.

  • Assess your exterior paint for any necessary touch-ups.


Summer is often a busy time of year. Whether you’re busy enjoying the outdoors on vacation, you can still make time for some home maintenance.

  • Inspect your exterior for any pest activity, such as termites.

  • Clean your kitchen exhaust fan and hood.

  • Check your foundation for any drainage issues or clogged downspouts.

Don’t Ignore Small Problems

When it comes to keeping up on home maintenance, it’s essential to take care of small problems as they arise. Leaving issues unaddressed can lead to substantial problems in the long run. For instance, waiting to repaint your house until paint is peeling can lead to a much more costly paint job. Additional prep-work is necessary once wear and peeling paint are present.


Noticing a small leak and putting off taking care of it can lead to water damage in your walls or foundation. Neglecting small problems can quickly turn into significant issues that can further damage your home, as well as create more work for you when you are ready to sell.

Don’t DIY When You Don’t Have the Experience

Trying to take on home maintenance tasks yourself can save money and sometimes be an easy undertaking. However, certain projects might be best to leave to the professionals. Making a mistake on a potential DIY project can be costly.


If your home needs work in an area that you aren’t knowledgeable in, consider hiring a professional instead of struggling through the process. Plumbing, electrical work, roofing, and foundational jobs can be difficult and dangerous as DIY projects. Ensuring the job is done correctly and safely the first time by a professional can save you time and money in the long run.

Prevention is the Best Policy

Overall, the best way to avoid maintenance pitfalls is to be vigilant and proactive about your home’s care. Routine inspection, frequent checks, and taking care of problems as they arise will go a long way toward keeping your home running smoothly.


Creating a home maintenance checklist or hiring home maintenance services can help you stay ahead of major problems and keep your home in top condition. You’ll be ready to sell your home at any time if you’re actively keeping up on your home’s maintenance.

Let Roost Get You Ready To List Your Home

Once you feel confident with your home’s maintenance and upkeep and you’re ready to list your home for sale, let Roost guide you through the process. From helping you plan any maintenance projects to marketing your home, we are here to help. With professional and knowledgeable real estate professionals, we provide exceptional service to all of our clients. Contact us today and take the stress out of selling your home with Roost.

April 22, 2019

Twin Cities Transit: We Nailed it!


When you think of cities that are easy to get around, Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities might not come to mind. However, you might be surprised how easy it is to get around this beautiful city.


Over the years, there have been many initiatives aimed at making public transportation accessible and affordable. There is also a massive push in many of the neighborhoods to ensure a high walkability score.


Historically, people complained about the Twin Cities traffic and congestion throughout the city. Residents could not quickly get to things. The Twin Cities has attempted to address this problem in recent years.


If you have thought about moving to Minneapolis, Roost can help you find your way in the city. If you live in the Twin Cities but are thinking about moving, Roost is your go-to to find your next home.

History of the Metro

In the 1970s, residents in Minneapolis were interested in a metro system to keep the city competitive with other metropolitan areas. Washington DC and San Francisco were both investing in transit systems.


A Metropolitan Council was formed to discuss the merits of a rail system in Minneapolis. However, the Minnesota Legislature was against such a system, and the momentum fizzled out. Throughout the following decades, proposals regularly were brought forward, but none took hold.


In 1999, funding was approved for the first line to begin construction. Originally called the Hiawatha Line, this route would eventually be called the Blue Line. This route, which opened in 2004, went along Hiawatha Avenue in southern Minneapolis. This line was renamed the Blue Line in 2011 with the opening of the Green and Red Line.


In 2011, plans were in place to open two new lines. The Red Line began operation in 2013. The Red Line is a bus line with the central station being the Apple Valley Transit Stations. The first phase of the Green Line opened in 2014. There are extensions in the coming years.

Effects on the Community

Outside of the apparent benefits for residents making transportation more accessible, businesses have noticed a positive impact since the opening of the light rail system. A neighborhood, traditionally home to immigrants has seen a significant boom in recent years. The Cedar-Riverside community, located at the intersection of the Green and Blue Lines, is a perfect location for business.


A local Minneapolis craft beer maker recently opened an impressive beer garden and brewery located in an old industrial neighborhood. The owners credit the completion of the Green Line, as well as the bike trails, as a reason for opening their brewery in that location.


The Episcopal Homes of Minnesota invested in a $45 million expansion. This senior housing facility, located at the Fairview Avenue Station, saw a considerable increase in demand after completion of the light rail. The facility built 168 new units and hired 100 new people.


All along the Green Line, development has increased. Billions of dollars in investment have been announced over the years, all within a short distance to the tracks. People and businesses are excited about the lines and the convenience they offer.

Twin Cities Housing

One of the major concerns surrounding massive urban projects, particularly public transit, is the risk of resident displacement. Minneapolis ensured longtime residents did not have to leave the neighborhoods they called home by building affordable housing developments along the lines. Local and state government offered tax breaks, grants, and other financial support.


To keep residents happy and preserve the city’s beauty, around 1,000 trees were planted in St. Paul along the Green Line. These trees are used to prevent polluted water from getting to the river by diverting rainwater to the trees. Fish in the Mississippi River are healthier, as well as the citizens of the city.

Minnesota Transportation Museum

If you are interested in the history of transportation in Minnesota, the Minnesota Transportation Museum is a great outing. With locations and events throughout the Twin Cities, there is always something to do.


Spend a day learning about local bus and train history as well as take a train ride on the weekend at the Jackson Street Roundhouse in St. Paul. If you are in Wisconsin, there are train rides through Osceola and St. Croix. Take a vintage bus tour through the Twin Cities, or spend some time at the Minnehaha Depot.


The Minnesota Transportation Museum is a hidden gem in the Twin Cities that is educational and entertaining.

Walkability in the Twin Cities

Many neighborhoods throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities rank very high on walkability scores. Most central areas boast high scores and allow you to accomplish most of your daily and weekly tasks on foot. For those that need to go a little farther, the light rail system has numerous convenient stations to hop on a metro or bus.


Lyn-Lake is centrally located and offers a walkability score of 92 and a Bike Score of 96. Residents can quickly get to the Midtown Greenway, as well as a variety of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.


Downtown West ranks at 92 for walkability, as well. Many residents even walk to work as condo living is desirable and competitive in this district. However, residents love the convenience of the densely populated area with all the fantastic dining and entertainment options.


Lowry Hill East, Uptown, and Loring Park all have very high walkability scores, as well. These fun districts offer local grocery stores, popular restaurants, fantastic shopping, theatres, parks, and museums. Plus, with two major sports teams in the city, both stadiums are in walking distance to several neighborhoods.


Residents of the Twin Cities have easy access to a variety of conveniences thanks to efforts over previous decades to ensure a light rail system is available and that many neighborhoods are friendly to those on foot.

Call Roost Today

If you love the idea of walking to work or the grocery store or don’t want to worry about parking when you meet friends for dinner Minneapolis is a fantastic city to consider. If you love living here but are tired of Twin Cities traffic, there is a thriving neighborhood where you can walk everywhere waiting for you. Roost can help you find the perfect home in a neighborhood that you will love. Call us today and see what is available in the Twin Cities.


April 18, 2019

2019 Interior Trends for a Welcoming Home


Trends in interior decorating are ever changing and innovative. 2019 is no exception.  With so much happening in the world, a lot of people are looking to really brighten up their homes, make them warmer, more comforting and interesting. Trends are skewing a touch more whimsical these days with patterns, floral, and a fair few callbacks to the 1970's believe it or not.

If you're looking for tips on how to best decorate your new home or revamp your current living space, we have just the tips for you. Be prepared to get a bit funky.

Boho Chic

70's and bohemian style is back in full force this year. Mixed and unmatching furniture can really make your home seem lived in and unique. Thrift store finds are perfect for this and add such character to your living space, everyone will enjoy it. How often can you have conversations about where you found a particularly interesting chair? Uniformity is all well and good, but if you're looking to creating a living space that has been talking and interested, then the boho style is one trend you'll want to get on board with.

If you're too scared to go all out boho, then just up the whimsy a touch with some fun patterned throw pillows and a rug with an array of colors and patterns. Little accents can really change up a room a lot more than you'd think.

Statement Ceilings

Long gone are the days of a plain white ceiling. These days people are spicing up their homes with statement ceilings in bold colors and patterns. The roaring 20's are coming back with this trend, so jump on the painted ceiling bandwagon before its excitement factor has worn off.

This is way more than just a statement wall or a pop of color. Wallpapered, painted, and mural ceilings are the way to go if you're looking to really change your space. By detailing your ceiling, you're immediately going to draw people's attention upwards, not only making your room seem taller and larger but also just make it way more interesting than it ever was before. Upgrading a ceiling can be a difficult task, so make sure to consult with professionals before jumping on the DIY wagon.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Speaking of bold colors and patterns, that's the trend these days. Unless you're going for a neutral minimalist look, to really warm up your home you'll want to capitalize on the popular colors this year like reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks.

Floral patterns and wallpaper are also incredibly popular at the moment, tying in with the boho chic ideal. Geometric and tribal patterns are also gaining traction. The familiarity and fun aspect of these big patterns will invite people into your home and make everything a touch livelier. These patterns are more frequently appearing on furniture, but if that's too bold for you, invest in a fun throw or rug to brighten up your space.


Nothing welcomes you into a space than one filled with plants. Natural decor and eco-friendly additions give a lovely atmosphere, as well as help our planet. By scattering plants and flowers about your house, you'll be bringing the outside in, and all the warmth and comfort associated with that.

Live walls are creeping into interior design more and more, and what better way to purify the air in your home than with some wonderful plants. If you have the right light, you can also have an indoor herb garden. Not only will it smell amazing but think of the dinner parties!

Brass and Copper Furnishings

2019 is the year of the warm palette, and when people are looking at metal finishes for their hardware, brass and copper are increasingly popular. Rose gold was so 2018, this year it's more about the burnt orange of copper and brass that will really warm up your space. Brass accents can be everything from cabinet handles to your kitchen sink. It's going to look so much more interesting than plain old stainless steel.

Copper is a great way to bring inside decor to the outside of your home as well. Window accents lend themselves very well to copper, and a copper awning can really transform an entryway.


Need help finding a home that’s just as trendy as it is move-in ready? Explore our available listings!

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April 8, 2019

Top Selling Condo Prices in Minneapolis



When you think of luxury condos that sell for obscene amounts of money, you are probably picturing a lavish home in New York City, or maybe Dallas. Most people don’t immediately think of Minneapolis.


However, condo prices in Minneapolis are competitive with some of the most expensive areas in the country. There are some incredibly desirable Twin Cities neighborhoods with some of the most luxurious condos available. Minneapolis recently saw a condo sale in the Mill District that turned heads throughout the city and country.


If you are looking for a luxurious condo in a thriving city, look no further than Minneapolis. Roost would love to be your local realtor and help you find your next home in one of the greatest cities in America.

Top Sale in the Mill District

According to the Star Tribune, one of the highest grossing Minneapolis condo sales in recent history went for an incredible $6.3 million. This price tag shattered the previously held record. The impressive unit occupied the top floor of a highly desirable historical building in the Mill District.


The condo sold for an astonishing $1,442 per SqFt, more than ten times the Minneapolis average. The previous record was at $250 less per SqFt.


The unit at Washburn was never actually listed publicly. The sale was announced to interested buyers, and a bidding war ensued. While this might be considered an anomaly, there are many notable Minneapolis sales well above the median price for the area.


People are willing to pay a premium price tag when the property meets specific requirements. All of these mega sales are on homes that are spacious, in a desirable building in a sought-after neighborhood, and offer incredible views and fantastic amenities. This particular unit provided spectacular views of the Stone Arch Bridge and St. Anthony Falls. It also has a private elevator.

Other Notable Sales

This unit in the Mill District is not the only premium condo that has sold in the area. In the Zenith condominiums, an incredible unit featuring a balcony that wrapped around the eighth floor went for $1.5 million.


Another building near Washburn, the Humboldt Lofts, recently saw a unit go for $1.3 million in cash. The eighth-floor unit sold for $929,000 just two years earlier. The unit was never listed, and the sale was unsolicited.

Current Condos For Sale

Currently, in Minneapolis, there are five condos for sale with an asking price over two million dollars. There are many more units available with an asking price of more than one million dollars.


The most expensive residential urban property on the market in early 2019 is actually two separate units in the Whitney Landmark Residences. The two unfinished units are combined to allow the future owner to personalize their new home completely. The property offers unobstructed views of the Mississippi River and three different balconies.


If you are looking for an impeccably finished unit, this Mill District property for $2.1 million is a rare find. It is tastefully equipped with generous space and a gourmet kitchen. With unobstructed views of the Mississippi and two bedrooms, two offices, and 2.5 bathrooms, any buyer would be lucky to call this condo home.

About the Market

Many people might be surprised to think about condos in Minneapolis going for such premium prices. However, for those in the business, this is not surprising. Prices and demand have both been on the rise for years.


In recent years, hundreds of units have hit the market. Several new developments have been finished, and many more buildings have been remodeled to provide premium living quarters. While many of these units aren’t bringing in quite the extreme amount seen in some sales, many are nearing or topping the million-dollar mark.


Demand has been growing for units in the downtown area of Minneapolis for the last decade. Previously, much of the area was considered ugly and unusable. Many people didn't see any potential with the remains of warehouses and commercial buildings that filled the neighborhoods.


That all changed in the late 1990s and early 2000s when several developers realized the old mills and vacant land would make great condo developments. The conversion of the Stone Arch Bridge into a pedestrian walkway to connect the many miles of trails around the Mississippi, also spurred development, as did transforming many of the mill ruins into museums highlighting the history of the area.


Penny and Mike Winton, were pioneers in downtown Minneapolis development, as were John and Sage Cowles, the first owners of the Washburn penthouse and the unit underneath it. The Penthouse sold for $3.5 million recently without ever being listed on the market. These families’ initial vision for the downtown inspired others to invest in the budding Mill District neighborhood.


Another famous owner was the late Horst Rechelbacher, who bought the top two floors of the Phoenix development. The 18,000 SqFt was initially unfinished, and Rechelbacher finished 12,000 SqFt. The finished section sold for $8 million in 2014 and the unfinished part sold for $2.2 million.


Today, this section of downtown Minneapolis is known throughout the country and world as offering incredible architecture and luxurious living. A French architect names Jean Nouvel designed the Guthrie Theater. The Mill City Museum was designed by Minneapolis’s own Meyer Scherer and Rockcastle. Julie Snow, who has won multiple prestigious design awards, created the Humboldt Lofts.

Call Roost Today

If you are interested in a luxury condo in the Minneapolis area, Roost has the experience and knowledge to find you the perfect home. We understand condo prices and neighborhoods, and we have helped countless families and individuals find homes in the Twin Cities area.


We view our jobs as more than being your local realtors. We want to help you get to know the city and find the perfect neighborhood and home you can enjoy. Let the friendly and personable staff at Roost find you a luxurious condo in Minneapolis

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April 3, 2019

Who's Who in Minneapolis



The sidewalk gleams under the late morning sun; the soft rain has washed away the grit and grime. You stroll along, basking in the warm Minneapolis spring day, admiring how the grayish granite reminds you of mountain peaks. You smile as you see the new life growing in the crevices and the tall wands of green softly blowing softly in the wind. You continue gliding down the streets, watching people go about their daily business. Some lurch forward in a hurry to get to their next destination, some weave in-out, cautious not to bump into anyone, while a few people chat about the Vikings or Twins as they wait for their Uber. Or is Lyft the go-to taxi service now?


You watch your fellow neighbors as they go, each person viewing this beautiful city through their unique lens. Either way, their footfalls relax you more than a bubbling brook. You love this city. Deep inside, you know you’ll always be at home here.


Inspired by another famous resident — you stop, twirl around and toss your hat in the air.


Okay, so Mary Richards was a television character, not an actual resident, but many celebrated and renowned individuals have called Minneapolis home. If you have considered moving to Minneapolis, knowing who else calls this amazing place home may help push you over the edge.





The entertainer Prince is probably the most famous Minneapolis resident. One of the most iconic entertainers are all-time, the singer-songwriter was born in Minneapolis, and continued to call the city home for the rest of his life. His home and studio, the famous Paisley Park, located thirty minutes outside the city in the quiet suburb of Chanhassen, the house was the entertainer’s artistic sanctuary. You can tour the singer’s home and experience what it was like for Prince to produce, perform and create inside the amazing production compound.


Prince was a master musician, but he wasn’t the only world-renowned musician to call Minneapolis home.




Although Robert Allen Zimmerman was born in Duluth in 1959, he called Minneapolis home. The city made a favorable impression on the “The Times They Are a-Changin’,” singer. In 1974, he recorded a majority of his 15th studio album, Blood on the Tracks, at the Sound 80 studio, located on 222 S. 9th Street. Mr. Dylan meant a lot to Minneapolis. Don’t believe us? Head downtown to the southeast corner of Hennepin and S. 5th Street, and marvel at the sixty-foot mural honoring one of Minneapolis’ most famous sons.




James “Jimmy Jam” Harris III, one of the most successful R&B writer-producers, was not only born in Minneapolis but, along with his producing partner Terry Lewis, based their production studios in Edina, 11 miles from downtown Minneapolis. The duo were pioneers of the “Minneapolis sound.” In 1986, Jam and Lewis produced and recorded Janet Jackson’s breakthrough Control album, along with her Rhythm Nation 1814 at the duo’s Flyte Tyme Productions Studio, formerly located in Edina before being demolished.


Minneapolis is known for its music scene, but music isn’t its only claim to fame.




Another Minneapolis native is Charles Monroe “Sparky” Schulz, creator of the Comic Strip Peanuts. You know Peanuts, right — Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy? Though he spent most of his childhood in Saint Paul, Schulz was born at home on 919 Chicago Avenue South #2. His uncle gave him the nickname Sparky, after the horse in the Barney Google comic strip. The first Peanuts strip appeared October 2, 1950, in seven different national newspapers. Schulz's birthplace was located in an area less than a mile from U.S. Bank Stadium, in the Downtown East area. Although Schulz’s home was demolished, if you’re in the city catching a Vikings game, take a few moments to stroll through the area one of America’s beloved cartoonists once called home.




Black Hawk Down actor Josh Hartnett once called Minneapolis home, graduating from South High School before moving to California to pursue his acting career. South High School is the largest and oldest public high school in Minneapolis. Other notable South High graduates include actress Rachael Leigh Cook and rapper Jacob "Prof" Anderson.




James George Janos was born in Minneapolis in 1951. The U.S. Navy SEAL and Vietnam veteran made his name as Jesse “The Body” Ventura, a  professional wrestler, and commentator for the then-World Wrestling Federation. In 1990, the Minneapolis native entered a different combat arena — politics. He was elected mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, a city located about 15 miles from Minneapolis. In 1998, Ventura “shocked the world” when he was elected the 38th Governor of Minnesota. The WWE inducted Ventura into its Hall of Fame in 2004.




Although the Hacksaw Ridge actor grew up in Illinois, he was born in Minneapolis. Minnesota was so proud of this fact they honored Vaughn with a star on the Minnesota Walk of Fame. His terrazzo tile is located between Eighth and Ninth Streets, on the Hennepin Avenue sidewalk in front of the State Theater.




Modeled after the world-famous one in Hollywood, The Minnesota Walk of Fame recognizes entertainers who’ve garnered national and international acclaim. Bob Dylan, Marion Ross, and Loni Anderson are a few others entertainers honored with a star.  




Did you know Getty, at one time the wealthiest private citizen in the world, was born in Minneapolis? Although the famous museum that currently bears his name is in California, the billionaire once called Elliot Park home. Elliot Park is one of Minneapolis's oldest neighborhoods. Located near the banks of the Mississippi River, the area was a popular settlement area for early Swedish immigrants. Getty’s home was located at 624 S. 9th Street. Elliot Park recently begun a gentrification process, designed to reclaim its spot as a favorite place in Minneapolis to live.




From musicians to cartoonists, to actors and philanthropists, many have called Minneapolis home. Heck, even Betty Crocker, the First Lady of Food, called the city home.


As Prince once said, “I like Hollywood. I just like Minneapolis a little bit better.”

March 27, 2019

Why Minneapolis is Perfect for Young Couples




The old stereotype of young couples moving to the suburbs to start their life together is disappearing fast. Many modern couples are trading in picket fences for high-rise lofts, and with good reason.


Many cities offer an array of attractions for young couples, whether or not they have small children. Minneapolis is no exception. Minneapolis is full of fun things to entertain adults and children all year round.


Furthermore, the overall cost of living in Minneapolis is a great incentive to settle in the Twin Cities. You might be surprised how much home you can get in a thriving neighborhood in the city.

If you are a young couple or family looking to move to the Twin Cities, let Roost make that process easier. We know and love the area, and we will help you find a great home in a desirable neighborhood with all the amenities that make city living a dream come true.

Neighborhoods to Live In

While there is something special about each of the neighborhoods in Minneapolis, a few are better suited for young couples and families.


Linden Hills is a quiet neighborhood in Southwest Minneapolis near Lake Harriet. Active young adults will love all of the open green space and affordable homes. It has one of the best cost of living averages in Minneapolis. Plus, Linden Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.


Another fantastic neighborhood is Loring Park. This area is perfect for those families who want to be close to downtown but also want some green space. With affordable housing options and proximity to downtown, Loring Park strikes the perfect balance.


Northeast Minneapolis, also called Nordeast by locals, is known for its focus on the arts. Young families will find a variety of bungalows and other single-family housing options here. You are still quite close to downtown Minneapolis, so commuting isn’t an issue. There are art galleries, restaurants, theatres, and other entertainment that attracts people from across the Twin Cities.


The North Loop, also known by some as the Warehouse District, is trendy and in-demand. Young adults enjoy unique bars, shopping, and entertainment. Many residents live in hip, contemporary condos and lofts converted from former warehouses. The commute is a breeze because of the location, and you are near exciting landmarks like Target Field.


Uptown is another fantastic neighborhood for young couples and families. Uptown is neighbors with the Chain of Lakes park district, where outdoor entertainment thrives by day, and bars and restaurants provide an exciting nightlife. You will find many biking and walking trails in the neighborhood, and you can walk to many things in a matter of minutes.


Whittier is in South Minneapolis and perfectly blends the historic and modern. This section of the city has unique architecture because of the Victorian homes built by wealthy business owners in centuries past. There are also apartments and single-family homes available. The cost of living is relatively low, and there are many attractions to keep life exciting in this neighborhood.

Things to Do

Minneapolis is an incredibly family-friendly city. Between theatres, museums, sporting events, restaurants, and outdoor activities, young couples and families will always be able to find fun things to do in Minneapolis.


  • Check out St. Anthony Falls. A favorite place to view the falls, especially when they are frozen in the winter is from Guthrie’s Endless Bridge.

  • Enjoy a peaceful walk through any of the city’s beautiful parks. Some favorites include Loring Park, Gold Medal Park, and Mill Ruins Park.

  • Take a walk along the cobblestone path on St. Anthony Main and follow it to the Stone Arch Bridge. This historic bridge connects the banks of the Mississippi.

  • If you have a dog that enjoys exercise, grab a leash and a tennis ball and head to Lake of the Isles. This two-acre park is perfect for furry friends.

  • Lyndale Park Rose Garden is the second oldest rose garden in America. This spectacular garden should be on your bucket list.

Museums and Theatre

  • Fort Snelling offers a glimpse of American history from before the Civil War until World War II and is also a historic landmark.

  • The State Theatre and Orpheum Theatre offer an impressive lineup of shows each season, including off-Broadway shows and concerts.

  • The Mill City Museum teaches you the history of the great city you call home, including the flour industry and the Mississippi River.

  • The Basilica of St. Mary is the oldest basilicas in America and has beautiful sculpture and architecture.

  • The Minnesota Children’s Museum is over in St. Paul, but it is a perfect outing for families who want to enjoy the day learning and creating with their kids.

  • The Minneapolis Institute of Art, or Mia, offers 10,000 works of art from 5,000 years of history at no cost to visitors.


  • The Minnesota Vikings make autumn Sundays an exciting time. US Bank Stadium is impressive and hosts some of the most exciting football games in the country.

  • Check out Target Field for a Minnesota Twins game during their season.


Families with young children have a variety of choices for schools in the area. The Minneapolis Public School District educates just over 35,000 students in almost 100 schools. From highly desirable and supportive preschools to private and public options for elementary, middle, and high school, parents have a significant amount of control over where their kids get an education.

Call Roost Today

If you are a young couple or family looking to move to Minneapolis, you are making a good choice. Between the reasonable cost of living and fun things to do, choosing the Twin Cities as your home is a no-brainer.


At Roost, we specialize in finding a home that meets the needs of our clients. We will help you find a condo or house that checks all the boxes. Call us today and see what we can find for you.

March 21, 2019

Why Condos and Lofts are Great Home Purchase Options in Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis


Downtown Minneapolis is a flourishing, vibrant place to live, work, and hang out. From culture and history to modern vibes and trendy activities, you’ll always find something fun to do and see. The downtown area has numerous neighborhoods that make it an ideal place to live. Whether you choose the North Loop, the Mill District, or Downtown East, you’re sure to enjoy a vibrant nightlife, scenic parks, and luxury living options.


If you’re a resident of Minneapolis or plan to be soon, a condo or a loft is a fantastic option. With so many available choices, it’s easy to find condos for sale in Minneapolis. Whatever neighborhood you choose, you’ll find a wide variety of condos and lofts that suit your style and offer luxurious amenities.


At Roost we can help you navigate the condo or loft purchasing process. If you’re new to home buying and are wondering, “what’s a loft?,” we can show you the options and how perfect they can be for Minneapolis living. If you’re ready to make a move to Minneapolis, we are ready to help you find the best space for your lifestyle.

What is a Loft?

A loft is an open and airy, typically single-story housing unit, usually without many internal walls. You’ll find lofts in former industrial buildings or factories. Retaining many of the industrial features and aesthetic, such as exposed brick, concrete, and ductwork, lofts have modern flair with urban roots.


Lofts feature big, bright windows, high ceilings, and an open floor plan. Natural light floods the living space, making it inviting and helping it to look spacious. A loft is a perfect place to live, work, and create. Versatile and flexible, you can customize your space and make it your own.

What is a Condo?

Condos are similar to lofts in that they are individual units in a community living space. Condos typically come with a condominium association that is responsible for maintaining the building and amenities. Condos usually also have communal areas such as rec rooms, gyms, pools, and sometimes rooftop patios.


Condos also feature some of the same fantastic aspects of lofts, though they do not typically have the industrial features or very open floor plans. Designed for elegance, many condos feature large windows to let in plenty of natural light, as well as high-end features. Condos are typically synonymous with luxury, as many amenities are part of the package.

Why Choose a Condo or Loft Instead of a House?

You may wonder why you would choose a loft or condo instead of a house. With a loft or condo, you won’t be responsible for exterior maintenance. Your HOA fees cover lawn care and landscaping, snow removal, and, typically exterior painting and roof repairs.


Owning a condo or a loft will also mean you have a variety of amenities at your fingertips. From community recreation rooms and kitchens to heated parking garages and gyms, you’ll have quality services available for many of your needs. Some buildings include cafés, retail stores, spas, and rooftop pools.


Condos and lofts also allow you to be close to many downtown Minneapolis attractions and events. You can walk to different shops, restaurants, and clubs from your loft or condo. Lots of loft and condo buildings are near grocery stores, dental offices, chiropractors, vet offices, and other essential services. You’ll love the proximity and ease of condo and loft living in Minneapolis.

Condos and Lofts in the Best Areas of Minneapolis

The best areas in Minneapolis have the best condos and lofts. Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods have some fantastic living arrangements. From new construction to converted mills and historical buildings, you’ll find a wide selection of fabulous condos and lofts to call home.


Whether you’re looking for condos for sale in Minneapolis that are modern and complete with numerous amenities, or something more modest but close to all of the action, you’ll have plenty of choices. Many of the condos and lofts in Minneapolis are in walking distance to restaurants, concerts, and scenic parks. Minneapolis offers some of the best entertainment and experiences, and with excellent options for housing, you’ll be near it all.

Make the Move to a Condo or Loft

If you are ready to move to Minneapolis, consider a condo or loft. You’ll love the convenience and luxury of these spectacular buildings. Enjoy the unique features of a condo or loft as well as the proximity to all that Minneapolis has to offer. Whether you’re a hipster looking for a place to call home close to the robust nightlife, or an artist looking for a space to create and live, you’ll love having a condo or loft.


With a condo or loft, you won’t have to worry about yard upkeep, building maintenance and expenses. You can enjoy services that make your life more comfortable as well as fun. From a gym to use after a long day at work to a café to grab a quick breakfast, you’ll have the ease of convenience right out of your front door.


Let Roost help you find the perfect condo or loft in Minneapolis. We are experts at finding the ideal living space for you. Whether you are looking for a remodeled loft in the Mill District or a luxurious condo in the North Loop, we can help get you into the place of your dreams.


Contact us today at Roost and let us guide you through the condo buying process. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find the finest properties Minneapolis has to offer. Start living your best life in a luxury loft or condo and enjoy being right in the heart of Minneapolis living.

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March 9, 2019

Find your Pot of Gold in Golden Valley, MN

Golden Valley, MN


If you enjoy the downtown Minneapolis scene and culture but don’t want to live there, then Golden Valley is the perfect place to be. Just five miles outside of the city, you’re close enough to visit anytime but far enough away to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle.


In this inclusive and peaceful suburb, you’ll appreciate the friendly atmosphere as well as the opportunities for recreation with the many parks and trails. Golden Valley began as a small agricultural community, including farms, dairies, and mills. In time, the population grew, and the valley began to flourish. Today, businesses such as General Mills and Honeywell help supply jobs and support the economy.


Whether you’re looking for a place to raise a family, retire, or focus on your career without the hustle and bustle of the city, Golden Valley is an ideal place to call home. At Roost, we know the area well. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll fall in love with Golden Valley.

Things to do In Golden Valley

While downtown is just a short jaunt away, there’s still plenty to see and do in Golden Valley. While making your home in this lovely Minneapolis suburb, you’ll enjoy getting to know the people, places, events, and activities that make Golden Valley special.

Youth Activities

Golden Valley is the perfect place to raise a family. If you have kids, you’ll be happy to know that there is always something kid-related going on in Golden Valley. When it comes to sports, there are many opportunities for kids to join a team with their friends. From hockey and lacrosse to softball and soccer, your kids will have a blast playing their favorite sports.


When summer rolls around, your family will love spending time at any of the Golden Valley parks. In addition to trails for walking and biking, playgrounds for climbing, rinks for skating, and pools for swimming, you’ll enjoy various events. Concerts, movie nights, story time, and water days are just a few fun activities for families and kids.


Golden Park features a recreation center offering music and dance lessons, cooking classes, sports skills camps, arts and crafts, and so much more for the area youth. You’ll always find something to keep the kids involved and interested.

Parks and Trails

Golden Valley takes pride in its many parks and trails. With so many places to indulge in the natural beauty of Minnesota, you’ll have plenty of options for spending time outdoors in the scenic area. Whether you’re looking for a bike trail, a community park, or a nature area, the choices are abundant. Golden Valley boasts more than 1,035 acres of parks and open space and fifty miles of trails.

Golden Valley Nightlife

You don’t have to go downtown to enjoy a fun evening out. Schuller’s Tavern offers live music and an exceptional menu. From imaginative cocktails to delicious entrées, Schuller’s is a fantastic place to meet up with friends after work or enjoy a date night.


Three One Six Bar and Grill is another choice for a fun night out. With trivia nights, live music, happy hour, and an outdoor patio and firepit, you can’t go wrong with this hip venue. Grab a few of your friends or that special someone and treat yourself to an evening out.

Places to Eat

Enjoy gourmet food and fine dining without having to go downtown. Golden Valley is home to a wide variety of eateries. There’s always something yummy to taste in Golden Valley. Try Doolittles Woodfire Grill for lunch or dinner. From meats and burgers cooked over a wood fire to pasta and salads, you can’t go wrong with their extensive menu. With a gluten-free and a vegetarian menu, there’s something for everyone at Doolittle’s.


Whether you’re looking for a chain restaurant or something more unique, Golden Valley can satisfy your appetite. Check out New Bohemia for the best in craft beer, appetizers, and sausages and burgers. If you are looking for Thai food, you can’t go wrong with Nong’s Thai Cuisine. Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere and fresh, authentic food for lunch or dinner.

Top-Rated Schools

In addition to tasty restaurants and fun activities, Golden Valley students have the privilege of attending some of the best Minneapolis-area schools. Meadowbrook Elementary is a top-rated Minnesota school in the Hopkins Public School District. Students there enjoy smaller class sizes and demonstrate high proficiency in math and reading. Meadowbrook is just one fantastic school in Golden Valley.

Make Golden Valley Your Next Move

If you’re looking for a quiet and wholesome Minneapolis suburb to call home, Golden Valley is an ideal choice. Ideal for raising a family or retiring, you’ll love the peaceful and family-oriented atmosphere. With excellent schools, plenty to do, and the laid-back vibe of a suburb, Golden Valley is a fantastic place to live, work, and play.


When you’re ready to relocate to Golden Valley, let Roost help you find the perfect place to call home. Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhouse, or single-family home, you’ll appreciate being part of this highly sought-after community.


With quick and easy access to downtown Minneapolis, fun places to eat, and quality entertainment, you’ll fit right in with the Golden Valley lifestyle. Contact Roost today and let our real estate professionals take the stress out of buying a home. You won’t have to worry about any part of the home buying process with Roost at your side.


Roost is here to help you with any of your real estate needs. With trust, knowledge, and a unique process, we will ensure your home purchase is smooth and enjoyable. We look forward to working with you and finding your Golden Valley home!

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March 8, 2019

Healthy Holistic Living in Minneapolis



If you are like many people in Minneapolis, you enjoy living an active and healthy lifestyle. The Twin Cities, in general, is full of people who care about wellness and take steps daily to enhance their health.

Whether you enjoy being active outdoors by walking, hiking, or biking, or you prefer indoor workouts like yoga, you will find everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Minneapolis. If you seek fresh, whole foods to fuel your body and access to wellness practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, look no further than Minneapolis.


At Roost, we specialize in finding you an incredible home or condo in the Twin Cities. Let us help you find your next home near the best parks, or close to your favorite yoga studio and farmers market.

Outdoor Attractions

The Twin Cities and Minneapolis, in particular, are full of beautiful and exciting parks. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board manages over 6,800 acres of parkland and wetlands throughout the city. The Mississippi River flows right through town and impressive parks offering a wide range of outdoor activities line its banks.


The Mill Ruins Park and Gold Medal Park are in the heart of downtown. Both of these parks offer incredible views of the Falls of St. Anthony, the only natural falls on the upper Mississippi. They also provide beautiful views of downtown Minneapolis and miles of trails for walking or biking.


Heading west from the river, Loring Park and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden are near each other. Known for its peaceful, natural vibe, Loring Park also hosts great events throughout the year. The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden will pique the interest of anyone who journeys through.


Some other popular parks are Riverside Park and Boom Island Park. Whether you’re looking to work off some energy or relax and meditate among beautiful scenery, you’ll find a spot in one of the parks around town.


Even if you aren’t intentionally working out, there are many ways to enjoy being active outside. Minneapolis is a very walkable city. Grocery shopping, window shopping, and going out to eat can all involve walking year-round using the city’s famous Skyway system.


Depending on the time of the year, you can take in a Twins game or a Vikings game. There are a variety of companies that offer biking and walking tours of the city, as well. Even if you have lived here your whole life, you might see something new.

Healthy Food

It is easy to eat healthy in Minneapolis. There are a variety of restaurants that offer local and organic foods that meet the requirements of a variety of diets. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, or anything else, you will find a restaurant that cooks some delicious food on your plan.


Minneapolis residents, especially those who live downtown, have easy access to some of the best restaurants in the city and the state. Chefs take great care to prepare your meals with fresh, whole ingredients.


If you enjoy cooking and want to ensure you have healthy food to fill your plate and table, the Minneapolis Farmers Market will be a favorite spot for you and your family. With three locations and different times throughout the week, you will always be near fresh food. The more than 200 vendors ensure there is a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and baked goods to take home. It’s the perfect place to stock up on healthy foods to fuel your active lifestyle.

Active Lifestyle

Minneapolis is one of the top ten cities in America for leading an active life. The city has the most basketball hoops and baseball diamonds per capita. You will be able to pick up a game wherever you are in the city.


There are also over 120 unique places to take a yoga class. Wherever you live in the city and whatever kind of yoga class you prefer, there is a class nearby. Yoga is good for the body and the mind. A single session of yoga can help center your mind, reduce stress, stretch your body, and increase flexibility.


You will also find a variety of sports clubs and gyms to join. Whether you prefer lifting weights, running on a treadmill, swimming, or playing tennis, there is a place you can work out and feel good. Many of the condo buildings in Minneapolis have gyms on-site, as well. Some also have saunas and hot-tubs to help you sweat out toxins and soothe tight muscles.

Professional Help

Throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities, you will find a variety of professionals to help you reach and maintain a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Balanced Care has two locations, one in Edina and one in Woodbury. Registered Naturopathic Doctors will guide you towards your best life and optimal health.


If you are looking for a way to naturally treat many ailments, Balanced Care, or any of the other fantastic holistic healthcare practices around the city will support you in your journey.


Mental health is also an essential aspect of holistic healthcare. Because one in four Americans suffers from anxiety or depression, it is critical for a city to offer a variety of mental health professionals. You will find high-quality providers throughout the city.

Call Roost

If you are interested in finding a house or condo in Minneapolis, Roost can help make that happen. We can help you find a home near parks and recreation that will help you maintain an active lifestyle. You will be able to walk to places around the city, from restaurants and shopping to gyms and sporting fields. Your next home could be down the street from a massage center, yoga studio, indoor ice rink, and chiropractor.


At Roost, we can help you find a home you’ll love in a city you’ll thrive in. Enjoy getting healthy in Minneapolis and taking advantage of all the city has to offer.

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Feb. 24, 2019

Minneapolis: Getting it All Right



The Twin Cities (with St. Paul). The City of Lakes. Mill City. Mini Apple. All of these terms fondly describe the city we all love, Minneapolis. They say that once you’ve been here, you never leave, and if you’ve never been here, you’re missing out.


So what is so great about Minneapolis? Why do over 420,000 people call Minneapolis home? That number doesn’t count the more than 3.5 million people who live in the metro area, including St. Paul and all the suburbs.


At Roost, we know it is no secret what makes Minneapolis such an incredible city. From the affordable housing to the high level of education of its citizens to the low level of unemployment, Minneapolis is a fabulous city to call home.

History and Geographical Benefits

Minneapolis is a unique and pioneering city. There is a significant number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered here, drastically more than other similar-sized cities. Why is this?


Perhaps Minneapolis owes this phenomenon to decades-old policies encouraging companies to start, and stay, in Minneapolis, including a tax policy to care for everyone. Beginning in the 1960s, towns around the Twin Cities sought to lure new businesses to the area by offering tax incentives.


Initially, this policy lowered revenue in the area and depleted their social services budgets. By 1971, it was clear something had to be done to ensure the continued success of the area.


The plan passed by the legislature required every local government in the area to contribute about half of their growth in business tax revenues to a pool of funds. This money was then redistributed to districts that brought in fewer taxes.


This “fiscal equalization” plan was the first tried at a metropolitan area in the country. It was successful because it diminished the difference between rich and poor areas, as the wealthier regions shared their bounty with others who had lower revenues for various reasons.


At this point, we have seen generations of businesses throughout the Twin Cities sharing the wealth across the region. Because wealth is not concentrated in a single district, the entire metro area’s quality of life throughout the city and suburbs is quite high.


Downtown Minneapolis is also thriving because local policies have prevented ghettos from forming or calcifying. In the mid-1970s, Minnesota passed a law that required local governments to provide affordable housing in their regions. Minneapolis took this seriously and built low-income housing in all the quickly growing suburbs.


Since the Twin Cities enforced policies on fair housing and tax revenue sharing, there is a wide variety of desirable neighborhoods and high-quality schools. Furthermore, the area is affordable for young professionals who choose to stay local. As these young professionals grow and make more money, they frequently stay in Minneapolis. Many people enjoy moving to Minneapolis for its sustainability.


Another benefit for Minneapolis that many other cities don’t have is its geography. Because Minneapolis is not near other major metropolitan areas, talented professionals aren’t pulled away to nearby cities by competing companies. The talent stays in the city.


Plus, Minneapolis can expand because no real geographic barrier stops the expansion. Unlike major coastal cities who can’t develop the ocean, Minneapolis has land for miles and miles.


When it comes to education, Minneapolis is a highly-educated city. Nearly 50% of the residents have a bachelor's degree or higher, compared with just over 30% of citizens having a bachelor's degree nationally. This statistic bodes well for employment rates, as well as the quality of life.


In the Twin Cities region, the average household wealth is higher than most cities in the country, including Salt Lake City, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Minneapolis also ranks in the top ten in the country for the college graduation rate for residents under 35 years of age. The Twin Cities ranks in the top ten nationally for highest median earnings and lowest percentage of people in poverty. Looking at these numbers, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy living in Minneapolis.


Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the Twin Cities is 2.7%. This rate is not seasonally adjusted, and it is better than most of the country. The city’s 2.7% unemployment rate is more than a full percentage point lower than the national average in 2019.


With so many Fortune 500 companies based in the Twin Cities area, 19 to be exact, there is a plethora of jobs in a variety of fields. The vast majority of working-age adults who wish to find a job, find one.


The housing market in Minneapolis tends to fare better than the national market. People are moving to Minneapolis and choosing to stay. Houses sell for more than 98% of the asking price. There are plenty of homes on the market, and people put an average of 13.6% down on a purchase.


All of this means that housing is affordable. Young professionals and families generally have no problem finding and affording a house. The only problem you might notice is getting the home or condo you want, as particular neighborhoods can be very competitive among buyers.

Call Roost Today

Roost first opened our doors in Minneapolis more than ten years ago. We have watched the city grow to be even more incredible than it was in our early days.


Roost is one of the leading real estate agencies in the Twin Cities region. Past clients highly praise us because we work hard to ensure everyone finds a place they want to come home to. We are a full-service boutique helping buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, investors, and developers.


We take pride in partnering with local neighborhoods and serving our community. Following the example of generations past in the area, we work hard to ensure everyone has access to housing. This is why we feel it is essential to partner with organizations like Habitat for Humanity.


If you are interested in finding a roost in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities, give us a call today. We will work with you and help you find the home or condo of your dreams.