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Jan. 29, 2020

Is a Professional Real Estate Photographer Important?

Statistics show that having many high-quality photos of a property helps to sell it faster.  Up to 92 percent of home buyers search for new houses online, and the visual appeal is crucial. Hiring a professional real estate photographer can help your home sell quickly at top value.


At Roost, we want everyone to appreciate the value of your house once you have it on the market. That’s why we recommend quality, professional photos to showcase your most significant investment. 


When you are ready to work with an experienced home buying or selling specialist, contact the Roost team. We’ll walk with you through every step of the process. Your confidence and satisfaction are our top goals. 


Try our free property valuation calculator today, and let our staff assist you in preparing your home for the best selling experience on the market.

How Does a Professional Real Estate Photographer Help?

In today’s DIY world, many sellers want to do as much as they can for themselves. While this can be helpful in a lot of areas of buying and selling, photography is not the place to skimp on a professional. Their expertise, equipment, and experience make all the difference, and here are six points to prove it.

1. Pictures communicate more than words do.

Homebuyers who search online rely on listing photos to get a feel for the house. A buyer needs to picture themselves in a home before they keep clicking for more information. Communicating the feel of your home is just as important as showcasing the features.


If you’ve updated your home decor, made repairs, and staged your rooms for sale, your photos will make or break all your hard work. When your photos look shadowy, blurry, or crooked, the viewer cannot appreciate how great the home is. And they are unlikely to move forward with an actual tour.


Conversely, professional real estate photos will showcase each room, the exterior, and any other great features of the neighborhood. The difference is staggering. Online users can fully appreciate the beauty of the property when you invest in quality photos.


Your prospective buyer needs to feel the “mood” of each room through photos to make a decision. Professional real estate photographers specialize in capturing intangible feelings with the images they take. Don’t leave this essential element to chance if you want a top offer in a short amount of time.

2. Professionals know how crucial lighting is.

Many homebuyers look for natural light and bright, cheery spaces in their next home. You can’t always control the natural lighting in your home, however. A professional real estate photographer will know which time of day is best to shoot your pictures for the most exceptional results. 


Real estate photographers have equipment and know-how to capitalize on your home’s assets in pictures. A ho-hum photo taken with a cell phone will not market your house. But vibrant images from a professional will make your property shine.

3. Quality images offer a high return on investment.

Most homes for sale will receive an offer of $3,000 to $11,000 more when the seller uses professional photos. In addition, they sell up to 32% quicker than homes without pro pictures.


Hiring a professional real estate photographer also ensures you have plenty of photos to use. Home listings featuring 20 pictures sell about twice as fast as those with one photo. 

4. Extend your homebuyer reach in a digital world.

With the majority of home searches beginning online, you must have a strong digital presence. Eighty-two percent of searchers use photos as their number one tool for choosing to move forward in the sales process. 


Each room must have quality imagery for a user to gain an overall feel of the house. If they resonate with the ambiance, floor plan, and location, it will be because of the pictures. With excellent photos, your listing will stand out to potential buyers, and that is the most critical thing.

5. Professionals can be objective when you can’t.

Most likely, you love your home. You’ve made memories there. You’ve enjoyed pets, kids, family, friends, events, and milestones in your house. Of course, you think anyone would be lucky to live there.


However, online searchers have no context for all the good energy and memories present in your house. They’ll want a functional, trendy, cozy, or versatile space in which to build memories of their own. A professional real estate photographer knows how to communicate these home elements to the buying audience. 


Your photographer will respect the home you’ve created while leveraging its best selling points. A professional real estate photographer is on your team to help you get the offer you desire.

6. Technology can further enhance your home’s appeal.

Including virtual tours with the photos in your home’s online listing can further assist the buyer. Remember, the goal is for your home-buying audience to picture themselves in your house. 

Shooting video that walks a potential buyer through the house’s layout is incredibly beneficial to the sales process. Capturing footage of your street, trees, landscaping, and the surrounding area can add appeal and real-world flavor for the buyer.


Soon, virtual reality technology may enable the online homebuyer to tour your home in brilliant 3D without ever needing to leave their desk. More and more, imaging technology allows for quicker decisions and higher quality interactions with your target home-buying market.

Use an Excellent Agent with Superior Resources

Hiring an experienced real estate agent means you’ll gain access to other renowned home-selling specialists. At Roost, we partner with an incredible array of home buying and selling professionals. 


When you’re ready to sell your home, we’ll supply you with a vetted list of referrals for the best photos for your online listing. We’ll also assist you in finding a quality home stager and will work to ensure you receive the best offer possible.


Visit our website today to connect with a Roost agent. We’ll usher you through the home selling process with care, connection, and attention to every detail. Leave the hard work to us. Whether you are buying, selling, or both, we have you covered.

Jan. 22, 2020

5 Reasons Why Home Staging is Important When Selling a House

There is no denying that home buying and selling can be stressful experiences. Thankfully, some tips and tricks make the process smoother and more comfortable. One of the most useful methods is home staging. 


No matter where you are in the process of selling or buying, the experts at Roost are here to help. From hiring a stager to getting the “Sold” sign out front, we are on your team. And if you’re wondering why home staging is important, read on for some great information.


What Is Home Staging?

As the name suggests, home staging is the process of getting your home ready to sell. It is like setting the stage for a performance, making everything perfect. 


It usually involves hiring a professional to furnish, dress, and decorate your house to make it as appealing as possible to a potential buyer. This step allows your home to look its very best and offers an inviting, positive experience to viewers.


Why Home Staging Is Important

Home staging can help you to sell your house more quickly and for a better price. Some of the top advantages include:

1. It offers an image of the perfect lifestyle.

Please don’t take it personally, but potential buyers do not want to see your touches in the home. They want to see a neutral, clean slate so they can imagine themselves living there. When you are selling a home, you are also selling dreams, aspirations, and lifestyle.


By staging your home to show off its top features, you allow potential buyers to envision their dream life in the house. Just like you would dress to impress for a job interview, your property needs to be ready for its interview. A home staging expert crafts a look to show off the very best version of your home to draw in potential buyers.


Although the house has been a vital part of your life, when it is time to sell, you have to let go of the personal aspect. Staging your home means removing objects such as photographs, ornaments, decorations, or special knick-knacks. 


It may feel harsh, but this step is necessary for turning open house visitors into buyers. By removing your personality from the house, you create a blank canvas.

2. It shows off the home’s potential.

By giving your house a clean slate, you allow it to look phenomenal to everyone. With a sense of openness, potential buyers can see everything the home can be. 


Modern families use rooms in very different ways from the traditional set-up. Aside from the kitchen and bathrooms, just about any room could serve several purposes. With expert home staging, those who tour your home can imagine using the rooms however they need. 


Staging a home means showing off the best bits and highlighting the potential. Professional staging companies see your home more objectively and discern new possibilities and opportunities. 

3. It makes your home stand out online.

Modern house hunting has gone digital. Just about every real estate search today begins online, and your home must stand out. A professionally staged property and excellent photography will give you the edge you need. 


In a competitive or slow market, you need every advantage to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Using a home stager is the best way to give a great first impression for those who are looking online. 


You need to inspire people and draw them in, so you can grab their attention and keep it. Welcoming spaces that show well in photos will be the key to getting buyers to come see your home in person.

4. It can maximize space.

As well as showcasing the potential of your home, staging also helps you highlight your unique space. An awkwardly-shaped alcove can become a stunning reading corner. And even small bathrooms have plenty of potential. Professional stagers know what to do to make every inch of your home look desirable.


In a crowded market, you need to make your property look like a winner. Stagers will make your home appear to be very roomy so that potential buyers feel like they are getting a lot of space.


A professional stager is crucial here. They can survey your home with an objective eye and work wonders with your layout and square footage. You will be surprised where they can create space that you didn’t know existed.

5. It can speed up your sale.

One of the most significant advantages of staging your home is that it can dramatically speed up a sale. Staging helps viewers to feel comfortable, at home, and connected to the property. These feelings make them more likely to put in an offer. 


Most buyers do not want to feel like they have to do a lot of work before moving in. A staged home is inviting and encourages prospective buyers to place an offer so that you can get into contract.


In addition to selling more quickly, you could also enjoy a higher profit. It is common for sellers to drop their asking price by 10-20% before a sale goes through. But with staging, you are likely to sell at or above your asking price. It is well worth the investment.

How Do I Stage My House?

There are two options available for staging your house. You can say, “Yes! I can stage my house to sell all by myself!” Or you can hire a professional. Doing it on your own can sound appealing to save some money. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be a professional stager, you probably won’t see great results.


Hiring an expert is worth every penny. They can see your home with a fresh eye and with no emotions attached. And that ability is crucial. If you try to stage your own home, it will probably still look like your home. With a stager, however, it will feel like a blank slate for a new homeowner.


Whichever avenue you choose, one thing is certain. Staging your house to sell can only offer you positive results. You can speed up your home sale, increase your profit, and reduce the stress of selling.

Time to Go For It!

Now that you are ready to stage and sell your home, the team at Roost is here to help. Our experts can walk with you through every step of the home selling or buying process. Reach out today to get started.

Jan. 14, 2020

Explore Exciting East Town Minneapolis

Have you discovered the vibrant development of East Town Minneapolis? This up-and-coming neighborhood provides a picturesque living and playing space. Nestled against the beautiful backdrop of the Mississippi River, East Town is the place to be.


Historically an industrial hub, East Town blends funky and functional industrial spaces with creative, light, and airy design. This sought-after part of town provides eye candy for traditional and trendy tastes alike.


East Town offers luxury living with buildings like American Trio Lofts and is a prime area for young professionals and more. We’ve got the low-down on everything great about East Town.


Enjoy city living at its finest with expert help from Roost Real Estate. Our professional team can match you with a perfect home for your needs. We can help you buy into a metro lifestyle for professionals and families on the go. We specialize in condo and single-family homes that offer contemporary living combined with the natural splendor of the up-north lifestyle. 

West River Road: A Terrific Downtown Secret

One of the best ways to tour East Town is on the quiet and scenic West River Road. This route features an extended and roomy walk and bike trail, a park at the north end, and easy access to the Stone Arch Bridge. It’s a unique hidden roadway that links you effortlessly to all things East Town.


Bordering the drive are the Mississippi River, the Stone Arch Bridge, and Bohemian Flats. On the riverside of the parkway, you can explore the bridges, falls, and lock systems. You can also hop on a riverboat for a happy-hour cruise or sunset tour. 


The Stone Arch Festival and Aquatennial celebrations light up downtown during the summer with art fairs, food, music, fireworks, and more. Come for the artwork and stay the whole weekend. You will love the nearby hotels, attractions, restaurants, and related events.

Bordering the parkway on the city side, you’ll find:

  • The Guthrie Theatre: This venue is a Minneapolis mainstay for live theater. It boasts a big-city reputation while retaining its midwest accessibility. Be sure to walk out on the high-flying Bridge to Nowhere to sample the breathtaking river view. It’s a top Instagram selfie destination, for sure.
  • The Mill City Museum: This unique space is a converted flour mill that was once the largest on earth. Don’t miss the Flour Tower exhibit and ride. It catapults you through the fascinating history of Minneapolis as the one-time flour milling capital of the world.
  • The Mill City Farmers’ Market: Enjoy a seasonal smorgasbord of delectable offerings from fresh vegetables and fruits to smoked fish and cheese. You’ll always find a variety of delicious treats and home-grown favorites from late spring through early fall. Enjoy cooking demos, kids’ activities, and more each Saturday in season.
  • Gold Medal Park: This incredible park offers an enormous green space that is perfect for picnics, games, or sitting in your portable hammock strung between two shady trees. It provides an excellent spot for an inner-city tranquility time-out.

Riverside Residences Ready for Your Unique Touch

A stone’s throw away from the river, you’ll find a variety of condo developments that are tailor-made for professionals and couples. American Trio Lofts features state-of-the-art living space with the historic charm of the mill district.


They offer amenities like an exercise studio, clubroom, and a roof deck. Heated indoor parking and valet service are available as well as street-level retail. This building also boasts easy access to local bike paths and walking trails on the river.


The American Trio Lofts feature decor with:

  • exposed brick walls
  • polished concrete floors 
  • expansive windows 
  • high ceilings
  • open loft-style architecture 

These condos are a perfect downtown retreat for anyone who wants luxury and an excellent location. Many of our available properties come fully furnished and ready for you to move in.

East Town Minneapolis Events

East Town Minneapolis is home to the beloved Minnesota Vikings at US Bank Stadium. This extra-large event venue also has a full calendar of big-name performers and other events during the year. You are sure to find something to suit your likes. With events such as monster truck rallies, home shows, and other expos, there is something for everyone.


If you’re looking for a more intimate gathering space, try the Armory. This mid-size venue once housed the Minnesota Lakers basketball team. Now, you can enjoy music and other events at this charming location.

Bring Your Appetite to East Town

Restaurants representing all flavors dot the East Town Minneapolis neighborhood. Make a weekend out of sampling some of our favorite eateries and watering holes.


Izzy’s Ice Cream is the perfect destination for a summer bike ride on the West River Parkway. Located just south of Gold Medal Park, Izzy’s features a dizzying array of ice cream and sorbet flavors to indulge traditional and adventurous pallets alike.


Finnegan’s Brew Co. is a recent and spectacular addition to East Town. With 6000 square feet, they have space to serve the game crowds from US Bank Stadium. They feature rotating food trucks, an enormous patio, foosball tables, board games, and 16 beers on tap.


Try Kindee Thai for modern Thai food in a trendy setting, or Zen Box Izakaya to satisfy a yen for Japanese cuisine. American-fare favorites include McKinney Roe and Eastside Eat and Drink.


When you’re in the mood for a splurge, check out Sea Change next to Gold Medal Park for upscale seafood in a luxurious setting on the river.


For a club scene, try eagleBOLTbar, an inclusive venue serving burgers, brunch, and beverages. Check out their awesome happy-hour specials and DJ calendar for your next night out.


East Town Is the Best Town for Metro Living

Are you ready to check out East Town for yourself? Wander the cozy streets of East Town, and you’ll realize how quickly you can make this neighborhood your home.


The expert team at Roost is here to serve you no matter where in the Twin Cities you choose to call home. We know every neighborhood inside and out, so we can guide you in your house hunting endeavors.


East Town will keep you busy. There are plenty of fun and exciting venues among the tranquil setting of river views and green spaces. Reach out today for updates on available properties in East Town Minneapolis and beyond. 

Dec. 29, 2019

Can I Buy A Condo With A VA Loan?

As the real estate market changes and adapts, the needs of homeowners can take some twists and turns as well. The chance to buy a condo with a VA loan may not have been on your radar a few years ago. But many veterans know that a VA condo loan can be a great way to snap up their very own piece of real estate.


Roost is your condo expert in the Minneapolis area. We know the city’s condo offerings in detail and can help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Why Choose A Condo?

Picking a condo over a traditional house may seem unusual to some. But condominiums offer significant benefits:

  • Cheaper Initial Investment - Condos are almost always less expensive than single-family homes. So they can be a perfect way to start your homeownership journey. Your initial down payment could be significantly smaller, and your monthly mortgage will be lower. This situation allows you to live in a better financial comfort zone while still owning your place.
  • Less Upkeep - Many condo owners cite this benefit as their favorite reason for choosing a condo. There is far less maintenance required. Houses need a lot of ongoing work. You are responsible for exterior painting, hedge trimming, lawn mowing, leaf raking, and so on. This work is all the responsibility of the homeowner and can take up a lot of precious time. Condo owners, on the other hand, generally are not in charge of exterior maintenance. That falls to the homeowners association (HOA). As the condo owner, you are responsible for the interior, but you will find yourself with fewer chores and extra time. 
  • Extra Amenities - Another significant perk to purchasing a condo is the chance to access amenities and facilities which may otherwise be out of reach. Many condo complexes now include gyms, swimming pools, dog parks, jogging trails, and even tennis courts. You can enjoy yourself so much without having to leave your property. The community spaces can also be great for building friendship circles and social groups. Condo living tends to foster a kind of closeness and neighborliness that doesn’t always happen in traditional neighborhoods.
  • Choice of Location - Due to their smaller size, condos often can be right in the downtown area. Professionals and retirees alike enjoy being in the middle of the cultural and business districts.

What Is A VA Loan? 

A VA loan is a mortgage that has backing from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The intention is to help veterans secure home loan financing, even with less-than-perfect credit or minimal down payment. This option is an excellent way for those who have served their country to pursue homeownership.


VA loans do not originate from the Department of Veterans Affairs. They are not the lender. Rather, private lenders offer the financing, with assurances from the VA that they will secure the loan if the borrower defaults.

Am I Eligible? 

Borrowers must meet some requirements to qualify for a VA loan. In general, active-duty personnel qualify with a minimum of 90 days wartime service or at least 180 days of peacetime service. Guardsmen and reservists will require more extended periods of service. You will need to have a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA to apply for this loan.

Is the Property Eligible for a VA Condo Loan?

There are additional requirements in place if you wish to use a VA condo loan. But these rules govern the property, not the borrower.


Many condo buildings have a high renter occupancy. Unfortunately, renters often do not take very good care of their property, damaging the overall reputation of condos. As a result, the Department of Veterans Affairs stipulates that condo properties on their approved list must have at least 50% owner occupancy. 


In addition, at least 75% of the community owners must be current on their HOA payments. And if it is a newly-constructed property, the VA will not add it to the approved list until at least 75% of the condos have owners.


Roost can help you find the perfect condo to meet these requirements. The Twin Cities have several stunning properties on the list of approved VA condos. Some of these buildings include Bookmen Lofts, 710 Lofts, American Trio Lofts.


If you find a condo you love, but it is not on the approved list, your lender can submit your loan application to the VA directly. They will determine if the property meets their requirements.

Is a Condo a Good Fit for You?

Many veterans find that a VA condo loan is the perfect option to fit their needs. As service members make the switch to civilian life, there is a lot to navigate. You may be unsure where you want to settle permanently. A condo purchase can be a great step as you take time to determine what the next phase of life will look like for you.


Buying a condo allows you to start building equity rather than paying rent, and you can do it affordably. With less home maintenance and lower monthly payments, it is easier to transition into a new job and lifestyle away from the military.

Get Started

To get going with your condo purchase, here are some steps you need to take:

  1. Connect with a real estate agent at Roost.
  2. Check out the list of approved properties for a VA condo loan.
  3. Be sure you have your Certificate of Eligibility from the VA.
  4. Connect with a lender who can work with VA loans.

If you are eager to buy a condo with a VA loan, reach out to Roost today. Our expert real estate agents know the condo world inside and out. It is an honor and a privilege to help our community’s veterans start their path to homeownership. The Roost team is thankful for your service and can help you find precisely what you want and need.


Whether you choose to buy a condo or a single-family home, with a VA loan or not, we can help. The Roost experts make the home buying process an enjoyable experience for you.

Dec. 13, 2019

11 Top New Home Trends in 2020

As the decade draws to a close, thoughts turn to the promise and possibility of the new year to come. The arrival of 2020 gives you a chance to start fresh in a new year. As you make resolutions and plans for the future, you might also want to give your house a refreshing boost in the new year. Or perhaps you are looking for a new place altogether. If so, there are some fun new home trends in 2020 that you might want to consider.


If you are ready to take the plunge into homeownership in the new year, reach out to Roost today. Our team of Twin Cities experts will help you find the perfect home to decorate with all these hot new home and condo trends for 2020.


Are you eager to spruce up your current home, or would you rather house hunt for something new? Either way, here are the top 11 design trends to keep in mind.

1. Back to Basics

In terms of colors and design, 2020 is ready to return to a more neutral palette. For those who love bright colors, this may seem like a boring return to the past. But there is no need to fear.


Neutrals allow you to open up your space and bring in a bright, airy feeling that can help to lift any area. But they also form a fantastic backdrop for bolder accents such as a feature wall, painting, or artwork. Neutrals also give you the freedom to add in some statement furniture pieces and accessories in bright colors.

2. Lap Up the Luxury

The year 2020 will be the time to bring a touch of luxury into your decor. Welcome, velvet! This stunning material can add comfort and style to your space and is gorgeous on a bold couch or in some seriously opulent curtains.

3. Ebony and Ivory

As well as a return to neutral basics, the drama of contrast is also high on many interior designers’ lists. The difference between bright, fresh white, and deep, dark black provides the perfect chance to create a dramatic visual aesthetic. This look is sure to transform some spaces in your home completely. You can incorporate the look of contrast subtly, through carefully-placed patterns, bold furniture choices, and strategic artwork. Or you can go all out and embrace your inner zebra. 

4. Geometry Without the Math

There is no need to drag out the textbooks for 2020’s return to geometry. Geometric patterns are poised to take center stage in the coming year. This design element adds a modern feel to any space and can show up on a sofa, some sassy wallpaper, or your bathroom tiles. The trick is to pick a section of the room to focus on and allow the pattern to pop.

5. Stripped-Down Simplicity

Calm and minimalist simplicity is the main focus of 2020. The overall goal is to make sure that your home is a peaceful, relaxing, and tranquil haven which allows you to recharge and refresh. 


There is an emphasis on allowing the home to be an oasis, a place of safety. Designers achieve this by carefully selecting only pieces you really love. By keeping items and clutter at a minimum, you allow your space to bring you joy every day.

6. The Touch of Texture

Help breathe life back into your home by making sure you include plenty of textures. This choice brings vibrancy and movement to your space and appeals to the senses. 

Boucle is a particularly popular choice for 2020 and has already made an appearance on the catwalk. Now it's popping up in the interior design world, adding another layer of interest to your overall aesthetic. This pick can be a perfect way to brighten up a neutral background and will help add balance and harmony to any room.

7. Grown-Up Glamour

As we enter the second round of the roaring ’20s, it makes sense that old-fashioned glamour is returning to decor. Soft edges, scalloped designs, and sophisticated elegance are making an appearance in a variety of items. The trend of using velvet and other textures fits right into this glamorous upswing.

8. Wallpaper for the Win

Wallpaper tends to come and go in the design world, but it seems the style is back for 2020. And this time around, there is a focus on bold floral prints. Contrasting colors are a significant feature for a robust and bright statement finish. Even on your walls, the power of nature can help to create a gorgeous environment.

9. Japanese Chic

One multicultural trend for 2020 is the nod to Japanese style and culture. With a minimalist nature in Japanese style, this trend makes sense. Soft, silky fabrics, delicate bird prints, and oriental patterns are all enjoying a revival. 


This look is perfect for anyone craving clean, simple lines and elegant, muted tones. It is an excellent choice for those looking to create a sanctuary within their homes.

10. Back to Nature

In keeping with the theme of simplicity, natural woods are a significant aspect of the look as we start the next decade. Natural wood furniture and other sustainably-made pieces rule the roost. The overall goal is to highlight the natural beauty while maintaining a simple, rustic nod to minimalism.

11. Let There Be Light!

The year 2020 is seeking homes that are light, bright, and have plenty of space. There is a significant focus on natural light in the new home trends in 2020. You can change your curtains, switch out heavy blinds for lighter fabrics, and rearrange the furniture to make the most of your space. In rooms without a great deal of natural light, be sure to add lamps to chase away the darkness.

Claim Your New Home with Roost

Whether you want to buy an older home to fix up or a brand new condo, Roost can help. As the most expert real estate team in Minneapolis, we will make the process as easy as possible. You will be in your new home, decorating on-trend, in no time.

Dec. 4, 2019

Five Home Selling Tips and Tricks


Moving house is a stressful prospect at the best of times. It can be especially challenging when you also need to sell your old property. With an unpredictable market and cautious buyers, you must do everything possible to make your home the one with the most appeal.


To make sure that your sale is a success, reach out to the expert team at Roost. We will be with you every step of the way.


In the meantime, we have put together the top five home selling tips and tricks. Read on for the inside secrets that let you proudly display that “Sold” sign in no time.

1. Pick an Excellent Agent

One of the best ways to sell your house quickly is to recognize that you need an expert. You love your place and know everything about it. But when it comes to dealing with the real estate market, one of the top tips to sell a home is to make sure that you get in touch with a professional agent.


The best agent has an excellent up-to-date understanding and knowledge of the industry, the market, and your particular neighborhood or area. They will give you access to insider tips and tricks and will have relevant and useful advice through each part of the process.


Your agent should have a precise marketing plan to move your home as quickly as possible. With excellent photography, careful staging, and a strategic online presence, your agent will be able to make your house visible to buyers. Most buyers begin their home search online, so a great agent should showcase the property in this way.


Be sure you choose a professional who you trust and is responsive to your questions and concerns. Selling a home can feel overwhelming, so lean on your agent for their expertise and confidence.

2. Make Sure Your Home Is Appealing

Staging a home is a crucial element for success, and can make a significant difference in how a potential buyer sees your property. You must make sure the property is clean, well maintained, and decorated throughout in neutral tones. 


The end goal is for those who look at the house to imagine themselves living there and enjoying the space. It is a good idea to minimize or eliminate personal things such as photographs, sentimental items, or excessive ornamentation. As much as you may love this home, possible buyers shouldn’t see your touches here.


For a successful sale, you need to take a step back and see your home from an outsider's perspective. Does it appear roomy, spacious, and family-friendly? Can they picture themselves enjoying the outdoor spaces for a family summer BBQ or pool party? Is it neutral enough that you could switch up the furniture and furnishings and still enjoy a stylish, comfortable home? Remember that this house is no longer your territory. It should be a blank canvas for whoever is lucky enough to be the next owner.

3. Take Care of Obvious Improvements

If you have a little extra room in your budget, it can be well worth investing in the property by making valuable improvements. Perhaps you have an unfinished basement you’d like to convert into a usable space. Or maybe you’d like to spruce up your garage floor with an epoxy coating. Check with your agent to see if investing the cash in these projects would help the home sell faster and at a higher price.


Kitchens, in particular, are high-value areas. Taking a little extra time and cash to spruce up your kitchen could reap substantial financial rewards. Replacing cupboard fronts, updating the lighting, and refreshing fixtures and fittings can make a significant difference to a potential buyer.


Most buyers do not want to consider a home that already has a list of projects that they will need to tackle. They want to move into a house that feels like a clean slate and that they can personalize for themselves. 


When given a choice between a property that requires extra work, and one in which everything is done, most buyers will choose the latter. So make sure that you seek your agent’s advice on getting your home sale-ready.

4. Don’t Forget the Outside

Many sellers spend time getting the interior of the home ready for sale but forget about the exterior. When selling a house, details matter. You want potential buyers to get excited when they pull up to the property, so it’s critical to have the outside looking wonderful. 


To get that visual “wow factor,” talk to your agent about what you should or shouldn’t change and update outside. They may suggest you change or update some of these items:

  • Condition of the driveway, walkway, or other hardscape surfaces
  • Exterior paint colors, including the door
  • Front porch decor
  • State of the garage doors
  • Landscaping and plantings

Adding value wherever possible helps to elevate the status of your home. This work not only makes the property a more appealing prospect, but it also helps to justify a higher asking price.

5. Highlight Your Neighborhood

For this home-selling tip, your real estate agent will be a key player. Work with your agent to make sure they understand and emphasize how great your neighborhood is. Proximity to schools, parks, trails, shopping, and dining are all good selling points. 


If your house is close to transit or high-volume employers, buyers will be more likely to take a look. But all of this information must be clear in the marketing of the home. Location matters, and your agent will be able to help you make the most of your surroundings.

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Selling a house is never an easy task, but using these top tips to sell a home will make the process easier and more successful. Regardless of the market, you can have a successful sale.


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Nov. 30, 2019

A Guide to Architectural Styles in Minneapolis

There are a lot of reasons for residents of Minneapolis to love living here. Residents know they have a world-class gem on their hands. From the bar, retail, and restaurant scene in the North Loop neighborhood to the many employment opportunities, this city is remarkable. And even the architectural styles in Minneapolis are impressive.


One of the town’s unique qualities that outsiders overlook is its history. In general, America’s cities are young, especially the further west you go. Although Minneapolis isn’t as old as Paris or London, it doesn’t lack character, especially from an aesthetic point of view.


If you are eager to live among these gorgeous architectural gems, reach out to Roost. Our expert team knows every detail of these fantastic Minneapolis neighborhoods.


The North Loop: Architectural Time Capsule

Architecture buffs know that Minneapolis presents a feast for the eyes. For example, the city’s North Loop area was a hub for railway shipping activity from 1880-1920. Now, this former warehouse district has transformed into a hipster hotspot and boasts a place on the National Park Service National Register of Historic Places.


The North Loop Warehouse District reflects the changing architectural tastes of the eras from the early days to now. Leading architects of their time designed many of these buildings. The styles represented in this neighborhood include:

A Quick Primer on Architectural Styles in Minneapolis

The late 19th and early 20th century North Loop building styles are only some of the characteristic architecture in Minneapolis. 


Here are descriptions of some of the styles you will see there, and elsewhere throughout Minneapolis.



The appearance of Italianate structures in Minneapolis will not surprise architecture aficionados. The Italianate style was in Victorian times, especially around the founding of Minneapolis in the mid-nineteenth century. 


The imitation of Italian Renaissance decoration distinguishes Italianate buildings. Look for overhanging eaves, multiple stories, and symmetry as hallmarks of an Italianate structure.


Queen Anne

The Queen Anne style ushered out Italianate architecture. When you picture a Victorian-style house, you are likely thinking of a Queen Anne house. A good reference point for this type of home would be the typical depiction of a haunted house.


Hallmarks of this style are wrap-around porches, less symmetry compared to an Italianate house, and elaborate ornamentation.

Richardsonian Romanesque

Romanesque architecture is typical in Europe and dates back to medieval times. Soaring height and rounded arches on doors and windows set this style apart.


The originator of Richardsonian Romanesque was a man named Henry Hobson Richardson. The Romanesque structures of France, Italy, and Spain thrilled him, and he sought to reimagine them. Richardsonian Romanesque revived the arched windows, towers, and stonework of the original medieval Romanesque style.

Classical Revival

American architects trained in Paris brought the Beaux-Arts style to Minnesota. The Beaux-Arts movement created the Classical Revival architectural style. Classical Revival placed primacy on order and symmetry, which became widely used for public buildings in Minneapolis and elsewhere.


Classical Revival has roots in the styles of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the Renaissance.

Venetian Gothic

Up until the 1920s, Minneapolis’ wealthiest residents lived along the “Golden Mile.” This section of Park Avenue, located between Franklin Avenue and East 28th Street, featured many glamorous mansions. 


The Anson Brooks Mansion in the Phillips West neighborhood is one of the few remaining mansions from this time. It is also a prime example of the Venetian Gothic style, which imitates the architecture of Venice. The original Venetian building style is a fusion of Gothic, Byzantine, and Moorish nuances.

Art Deco/Moderne

Art Deco serves as a good bridge from discussing Minneapolis’ older architectural styles to its newer ones. It is a style characterized by slick, highly geometrical features. Industrial, public, and residential structures throughout Minneapolis display the Art Deco style.


The old Cream of Wheat Building from the 1920s is an example of industrial Art Deco architecture in Minneapolis.


The Craftsman/Bungalow style overlapped with Art Deco and lasted into the 1930s. These simple structures typically are one-story and residential. Although landmark buildings are rarely Craftsman-style, examples still abound. Many homes throughout Minneapolis are built in the Craftsman/Bungalow style.


A Historic Treasure in St. Paul

Visitors and residents wishing to take in the architecture shouldn’t forget St. Paul. It is part of the Twin Cities, after all. St. Paul has historic homes, including the Maud Hill House.


The expansive home and gardens came to being in 1888. Maud Hill was a New York society blue-blood who married and later separated from Minnesota railroad scion Louis Hill. Eventually known simply as “Maud,” she devoted her energy to updating the stunning house after her marriage ended.


When visiting the Maud Hill House, don’t miss the wrought iron garden fence from New Orleans that encloses the property. And according to legend, you may also want to keep your eyes peeled for the ghost of Maud herself.

A Few Minneapolis Architectural Landmarks

For a stunning example of the Classical Revival style, look no further than the Basilica of St. Mary. In addition to being a feast for the eyes, the basilica sits in the vibrant Loring Park neighborhood. Loring Park is a cultural hotspot that hosts many of the city’s biggest festivals.


Anyone looking for an example of Renaissance Revival style can stay in Loring Park and check out the Women’s Club of Minneapolis. This building provided a meeting space for the women of Minneapolis during the exciting Progressive era and the Suffrage movement.

Minneapolis Realty: An Exciting Adventure

Minneapolis and St. Paul have much to offer architecture and history buffs, but that’s not all the Twin Cities offer. Whatever you are interested in, you can find your place in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are many opportunities for work and play. 


Arts lovers, foodies, and creators of all kinds have found a home in Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you are serious about making Minneapolis your home, contact the specialists at Roost. Our incredible agents can help you find just the right neighborhood and home for you.

Nov. 13, 2019

House Hunting in Minneapolis During the Holidays

With all the hectic events of the season, house hunting in Minneapolis during the holidays may sound crazy. But in reality, choosing to buy a home during the holidays can be a smart move.


Holiday home buying is kind of a sneaky life hack. If you don’t mind adding house hunting into your December schedule, you may find yourself with a great opportunity. Typically during this time of year, competition is low, and sellers are motivated.


No matter when you are ready to buy a house, Roost is on your team. We are the Minneapolis experts you need on your side as you navigate a home purchase at any time of the year.

Isn’t It Difficult to Buy a Home at Christmas?

With weather issues, family gatherings, and holiday events, it can sound overwhelming to buy a home during the holidays. You already have so much on your plate. But for those who want to give it a go, winter house hunting has tremendous benefits. 

1. Very Little Competition

The same reasons that make you hesitate to buy a home during the holidays also make others reconsider this plan. So that means that those who do take the leap will not have much competition. 


Since there typically isn’t a lot of inventory in December and January, it is an excellent chance to house hunt without a lot of other buyers around. When you have to compete against other homebuyers, you can feel pressured to make an offer quickly. During the holidays, you typically have some time to consider each house carefully.

2. Motivated Sellers

Most people don’t choose to sell a home during the busiest time of the year. So you can assume that holiday sellers need to do so quickly. As a buyer, there is nothing more enjoyable than a motivated seller. 


When you find a home you want to buy, you can probably be bold in your offer.  Several options can save you money:

  • Offer a lower purchase price.
  • Request that the seller pays some or all of the closing costs.
  • Seek a quick closing time. If possible, offer to rent the home back to the sellers.

3. Close Quickly

As the calendar year wraps up, everyone involved in a real estate transaction usually wants to move fast. In most instances, it is helpful to you, the seller, the lender, and the realtor to get to closing as soon as possible.


If you want to own your new house in a jiffy, then it is a great idea to buy a home during the holidays. Although you may need to have all your documentation prepared quickly, you will be able to enjoy a fast process so that it isn’t lingering for weeks on end.

4. Excellent Home Furnishing Sales 

The traditional end-of-year sales will probably include items you might need for your new home. From paint to furniture, you will probably find good deals on everything you need. Most retailers want to clear out their old inventory to make room for new items.


In addition to getting a good deal on furniture, you will probably find bargains on services, too. For moving companies, contractors, and other service providers, winter months tend to be slow. They may offer some great deals to help you get settled in your new house.

Beautiful Minneapolis During the Holidays 

We may be biased here at Roost, but Minneapolis is gorgeous during the holiday season. This fantastic town has a lot to offer for fun and festivities. So if you are considering making a Minneapolis home purchase during the holidays, be sure to find some time to enjoy the special events around the city.

  • Holidazzle - Enjoy an incredible light display at this treasured annual tradition. With a warming hut, delicious treats, and products from local vendors, Holidazzle is sure to get you in the Minneapolis holiday spirit.
  • Local Shows - Enjoy live holiday entertainment around town in the local theaters. With comedic, dramatic, and musical offerings, the Minneapolis arts scene provides excellent adult and family fun.
  • Skate the Star - Take the kids to the famous Mall of America for some fun ice skating. Entrance fees to the unique custom ice rink go to support the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities.

Whether you are a seasoned Minneapolis resident or brand new to town, you are sure to find some beautiful holiday fun. These events will give you some holiday cheer to enjoy during your house-hunting time.

New Home for the Holidays

Minneapolis is an amazing city to call home. With stunning lakes, accessible parks, and miles of bike trails to enjoy, there is plenty to do outdoors. And the excellent local restaurants, cafes, and theaters provide all kinds of fun activities inside, as well. 


Local neighborhoods in the Twin Cities offer lovely places to live. From young singles to retired couples, there is something for everyone. The Roost team can help you find exactly what you want in a home. We are the go-to local experts for condos, townhomes, and single-family houses. We know this town inside and out and can help you narrow down your search to the perfect area for your needs.

Linden Hills

This eclectic neighborhood sits between two lakes, Bde Maka Ska and Harriet. It has a great urban vibe with easy access to shops and restaurants. And with plenty of walking and biking paths, Linden Hills is easy to navigate without a car.

North Loop

The North Loop has enjoyed an enormous transformation. Old rundown warehouses gave way to trendy clubs, bars, and condos. This hip neighborhood draws young professionals to its stunning condominium homes such as those at Bookmen Stacks. Homeowners here enjoy access to all the amenities that matter to them in this urban setting.


This neighborhood near Bde Maka Ska has it all. With gorgeous homes and condos nestled among the parks and lake views, Uptown is the place to be. Millennials and Boomers alike appreciate everything it has to offer.

Roost Can Get You a New Home for Christmas


No matter the season, house hunting in Minneapolis offers excellent home choices. And with Roost on your side, you are sure to find exactly what you want. If you are eager to buy a home during the holidays, we have you covered.


Nov. 7, 2019

Bike-Friendly Minneapolis Attracts Health-Conscious Residents

No matter the time of year, health-conscious people are looking for great ways to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit. One of the most popular activities for continued health and wellness is bicycling. But not every town makes it easy to enjoy a spin around town on your bike. Fortunately for Minneapolis residents, it is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation.


While cities such as New York or Portland, Oregon frequently gain recognition as bikeable cities, Minneapolis consistently takes top billing. The town is perfect for pedalers who want trails and who want to get around to local restaurants, theaters, and businesses. 


If you’re considering a move to Minneapolis, Roost can help. We are the Twin City real estate experts, and we will find you a perfect condo or single-family home to suit your needs. We’ll make sure you have plenty of room for you and your bike.

What Makes a Bike-Friendly City?

Since bike enthusiasts come in all ages, shapes, and sizes and have varied reasons for biking, there are several criteria for being a bikeable town. 


If an urban area is excellent for commuters but doesn’t provide safe bike routes to local schools, that’s not bike-friendly. If there are miles of trails for cyclists, but no one can ride to a local coffee shop safely, the town isn’t bikeable.


To be considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, the area needs to hit several high points.

  1. Safety. Bicycling Magazine weights this one the heaviest in its rankings. Cities must provide safe routes not only for commuters but also for weekend warriors, school children, and locals who want to get around town. To count among the great bike havens, cities must have low fatalities from bike accidents, among other stats.
  2. Inclusiveness. Towns can rank as bikeable cities when they offer routes that cater to all ages and abilities. If a city only provides rigorous mountain bike trails, then they are excluding many cyclists. Cities that provide dedicated bike lanes and off-road commuter paths rank well in this category.
  3. City Policy and Culture. Does the town routinely vote to support bike-friendly measures? Do they accommodate bikeable infrastructure in their legislation? Do businesses provide bike racks for cyclists to use? Cities that can answer “yes” to these questions are likely to get a high bikeable rating.

Why Is Minneapolis One of the Most Bikeable Cities?

Minneapolis residents are among the fittest in the nation, so it makes sense that the city works hard to support cyclists. With more than 200 miles of bike trails and dedicated bike lanes, Minneapolis ranks very well in the safety and infrastructure categories.


Because Minneapolis has invested in making the city bike-friendly, it has earned comparisons to the international bike havens, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Businesses are bikeable and provide spaces for bicycle parking for local commuters. The city’s residents have easy bike access to shops, restaurants, entertainment, and workplaces.


In addition, the Mill City offers plenty of bike rentals for those who don’t yet have their own. Residents and visitors can also take advantage of a unique bike share program for getting around town.

Favorite Minneapolis Bike Trails

Although Minneapolis continues to add more biking paths, there are some clear favorites. If you’re thinking about moving to the city, you will want to check out these top three cycling routes.

1. The Midtown Greenway Trail

This unique five and a half mile biking path allows for a quick trip across town any day of the year. What used to be a railroad route is now a popular trail for biking, walking, and rollerblading. The city is responsible for maintaining the Midtown Greenway and even plows the corridor to keep it accessible year-round.


As a bonus, the Midtown Greenway connects to other popular bike trails to get residents wherever they need to go in town. Riders can make their way to paths that get them into local commercial districts and to the Mississippi River.

2. The Chain of Lakes Loop

For fun and scenery, the popular Chain of Lakes Loop is top-notch. This incredible biking path has just about 15 miles of lake-view trails. It’s appropriate for all levels and is an excellent way to enjoy the city’s beautiful lakes.


With access to sports fields, beaches, and playgrounds, the Chain of Lakes Loop is a Minneapolis treasure. Grab a backpack and load it up with snacks for your day of biking around the lakes. You’re sure to have a blast!

3. Seven-Mile Creek Park

This incredible 628-acre park includes everything from the Minnesota River to deciduous forests and valley grasslands. With about eight miles of bike trails, mountain bikers can enjoy a beautiful ride close to the city. 


There is wildlife to observe and scenery to enjoy. Wild turkeys and white-tailed deer call this park home, along with many other bird species. Bring some binoculars along and see which woodland friends you can spot. Residents and visitors love spending time on the trails at Seven-Mile Creek Park. 

Off-Road Cycling

For those who want the thrill of racing along a mountain bike track, the Minneapolis area has you covered. Near Brownie Lake Park and Theodore Wirth Park, you will find excellent single track trails to get the adrenaline pumping.

  • The Southwest Loop - This option covers about two miles of intermediate track.
  • The Back 40 Loop - Riders enjoy almost three miles of intermediate single track riding.
  • The Brownie Lake Loop - This track is not for beginners. It boasts about a mile and a half of varying degrees of difficulty. With significant rock climbs and descents, the Brownie Lake Loop is for those ready to tackle intermediate to expert track riding.

Find a Home to Fit Your Healthy Lifestyle

It is no accident that Minneapolis is one of the fittest cities in the United States. With policy and infrastructure in place to support a life of wellness, the town attracts health-conscious people.


If you are ready to make a move to Minneapolis or to try a different neighborhood around town, Roost can help. We are the Minneapolis real estate experts, and we can’t wait to work with you. Reach out today.


Oct. 17, 2019

Five Tips for Moving Houses: How to Make Moving Day Painless

Is it all starting to sink in? The ink is dry, the for sale sign is in the yard, and the realization that you just bought a new home is upon you. Moving houses can be almost as daunting as it is exhilarating, but there are a few key ways to ease the transition. 


Whether you are a novice or an expert at the art of moving houses, Roost Real Estate can help you choose the perfect digs for your next life chapter in the Twin Cities. If Minnesota is where you call home, let Roost be your guide to the housing market. We will get you into the perfect condo, house, or townhome. 


It doesn't matter whether you're moving to a Minneapolis suburb or a neighborhood like Uptown, packing, and moving are skills. If you haven't had a lot of practice, these tips are for you.


If moving day is near, read through these five recommendations. You’ll learn how to prepare and navigate this day so that it flows as seamlessly as possible. 

1. Keep a Running List When Moving Houses

It’s helpful to dedicate an entire notebook to the moving process. This can hold everything from evolving to-do lists to budget breakdowns and receipts. 


You should get your lists going long before moving day comes. That way, when the big day is near, you will have all your information already prepared and organized. There are plenty of tasks, like changing your address with the post office and notifying your insurance company that you can complete beforehand. 


Start your room-by-room packing lists of things you need to bring with you and other items you may need to buy once you get to your new home. Consider a list of items you are not taking with you that you need to sell or donate.

Stay organized with colorful sticky notes and page dividers. Did you empty the fridge and freezer? Did you take out those last trash bags? As long as you have your running to-do list, you won't forget. 


Once you begin packing, it can be easy to forget what you've already packed that is no longer visible. Mark off the things you've already tucked away and in which box or container you put them. Then you can have peace of mind as you continue with your many moving tasks. 


You can also include contact information for realtors, movers, and contractors that you may need to reach during this process. Keep it all in one place to ease the hectic nature of moving. 

2. Plan Furniture Placement 

There is nothing worse than lugging a bulky piece of furniture up a flight of stairs when it needed to stay on the ground floor. Keeping this in mind, be sure to plan where each piece of furniture will go before arriving at the new house.


Visualizing your new house should be one of the greatest joys of moving. This home is the next step in your life. How do you want it to look? 


Measure the walls in your new home and match these measurements with your furniture to make sure everything will fit. It may also be a good idea to label your furniture just like your boxes to let the movers know where to bring it. 


While packing your stuff into boxes, remember to pack the essentials on top. Things that you may not use for a while, like a crockpot or books, can go into the box first. More necessary items like utensils and electronic chargers can go in last.  

3. Get a Babysitter or Pet Sitter

Whether you have a fur baby or a human baby or both, moving day is not the right moment for quality time. If possible, arrange a babysitter or pet sitter for the time when you will be loading and unloading trucks. 


You will be required to spearhead many tasks this day, and your patience may already be thin. You don't need any more distractions. Not to mention, moving big furniture can be dangerous with pets and children around.


Let the young ones have a relaxing day away and enter the new home once it is already a little settled. 

3. Hire Movers or Bribe Your Besties 

If you have a lot of heavy furniture and require a moving van, it may be best to hire movers. If that is your situation, be sure to include this in your moving budget. Shop around for the best, most reliable company and let them take the burden off your shoulders. 


When moving day arrives, consider having some cash on hand to tip each of the movers. It is not an easy job to do what they do.


If you have a more DIY vibe, ask a few great friends to come to the rescue and help you carry the load. Asking for help with a move just may show you who your true-blue friends are.


Be sure to let them know how much you appreciate it. Cook your friends some dinner, buy them a nice bottle of wine and help them move when it's their turn. 

4. Prepare a Go-Bag and a Snack Cooler 

Moving day requires quite a lot of physical activity, and you want to make sure you are hydrating and eating enough to replenish your energy. But with your entire kitchen packed into boxes, this can be tough. 


To solve this, pack a cooler full of protein-rich, easy-to-grab snacks and water. Keep this cooler handy for you and your friends. 


It is also a good idea to leave out cleaning supplies so that you can tackle those last-minute stains on your way out the door. If you are leaving a rental, you likely need to have it nice and clean to receive your deposit back. 


Most importantly, you want to pack a go-bag to get you through the first couple of nights in your new place. This can include essential items like:

  • Toiletries
  • Pajamas
  • Clothing for a couple of days 
  • Medications 
  • Wallet and ID
  • Electronics 

It could take you a long time to unpack your entire household, so you need to have a few necessary items handy until you've reorganized your life. 

One More Step - Call the Roost Experts

If you’re eager to find the perfect home so you can get to your own moving day, it’s time to reach out to Roost and our award-winning team of real estate experts to find you the home of your dreams. We are with you through every step of your home buying experience. Give us a call today.

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